A Little Glimpse… Why Diving Provides the Ultimate Glimpse of Tranquility

Last updated on August 12, 2021

Solitude. Tranquility. Utter peacefulness. That’s what it’s like underwater. You become a part of a world outside of human society—we can go down there for a visit, but it’s not ours. A magic exists under the water’s surface that we can never own or fully be part of, and snorkeling only offers us a slice of the experience. It’s only when we can peacefully relax into a spot and watch the underwater world unfold that we even begin to understand what it’s like to for the sea creatures that make up these biodiverse marine ecosystems.

I learned scuba diving the summer before leaving on my travels; my first stop was Australia and I was bound and determined to be comfortable underwater before hitting what I considered the mac-daddy of all sites, the Great Barrier Reef. Fast-forward a couple of years and Honduras’ reefs beckoned, as did my Advanced Divers training; the funny thing about diving for me is that I don’t actually like being on the water.

Underwater scenes from a dive off the coast of Utila, Honduras.

I love being in the water, but put me on a boat cruising across the water and I can be found standing very close to the rail, fighting serious motion sickness. I joke to friends that I’ve never met a boat I couldn’t puke on—gross, but accurate. And yet, the pull of the ocean is strong enough to make it all worthwhile. Not just the ocean, but the entire world hidden to us from the surface. We can peer into the water from above and only glimpse the incredibly colorful world alive and thriving in the deep blue sea. Diving, even more than snorkeling, allows us to float along as silent observers to an ecosystem that needs no human input to go about its business.

All the motion sickness is worth it once I shimmy into my wet-suit, shoulder my tank and regulator, and slip into the ocean.

The video is quite long, the dive-master on my dive off the shores of Utila, Honduras took the video and caught some beautiful shots of a turtle in the first minute or so (turtle-action at 1.15  minutes and go full screen for the full HD experience). I heart turtles massively. Like seriously love meeting a turtle on a dive. It makes or breaks a dive for me in many cases. I think it’s because they bridge the gap so beautifully between underwater and surface life. You can catch a peep of them sipping air at the water’s surface, but the graceful swimming underwater—that’s what I really love.

Diving allows one the chance to perhaps just a small fraction of the underwater secrets we are rarely privy to seeing. Deep water represents the ultimate unknown. There will never be a scenario where we grow gills and suddenly gain the ability to call home to this massive portion of the earth’s surface. Instead, we are interlopers, less graceful and less equipped than a mere turtle to survive here, but yet able to enjoy the view.

10 thoughts on “A Little Glimpse… Why Diving Provides the Ultimate Glimpse of Tranquility”

  1. So pretty! I love the ocean. I love that turtles are so graceful under water, but awkward walkers on land. I can relate. 

  2. Great video. I’m missing the turtles like crazy now that we’re back on dry land. We have so many good memories of diving in Roatan, but we never did make it over to Utila. All the more reason to go back, I guess. :)

    • Thank you Mike! I think if you did a good bit of diving in Roatan that you
      saw the gist of what was on offer, there are some neat sites around Utila,
      and the sunken ship, but the reefs are similar to Roatan from what I was
      told :) But, naturally you should go check that out for yourself ;-) Def
      a reason to go back!

  3. Beautiful video! It almost convinces me to try scuba diving. Almost.

    I love turtles, too – there’s something very special about them. 

    • You should try it! I will cop to being scared out on my mind the first time
      I went deep, but you rapidly get lost in the world down there and it’s worth
      trying to see if you can handle it! Plus, lots of turtles down there…just
      sayin’ ;-)


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