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Last updated on June 24, 2023

My heart pitter-pattered with fear when I touched down in Sydney way back in 2008. That was the first day of my first year-long around the world trip. With little (and I mean very little!) information online about long-term travel back then, this website documented my trip, and also shared all the practical details of world travel. Travel blogging was in its infancy and those with a dream to travel the world were left to hunt through forums for advice, or check dated library books from the library. Thirteen years later, this website is still the single most comprehensive resource online about long-term and around the world travel.

Do you plan to travel the world?

If so, use the detailed resources below to suss out all the nitty gritty details about planning world travel. Since that first day on the road back in 2008, I’ve completed numerous round the world trips, and just a bunch of general world travel since then. Below you’ll find answers every single reader question I’ve fielded over the years about long-term travel, and also everything I’ve figured out through trial and error (an FAQ page houses the more niche reader questions about planning world travel). Although I traveled solo for the bulk of my round the world trips, since then I’ve traveled and volunteered with friends, family, and even my four tween-aged nieces and nephews—and I’ve even compiled resources from my decade+ of working from the road.

Planning a trip around the world can seem overwhelming. From deciding if world travel is right for you to packing for a year to budgeting for your trip and picking out the right travel itinerary—below I share every hard-learned lesson with you. This page use to house a novels worth of words in one spot—just a book-length download on world travel. For your sake (and mine), it’s now cataloged into separate posts to tackle every major subject you need to know when plotting, planning, and successfully navigating your world travels.

advice for travel dreamers

Is a life of world travel right for you?

If you’re dreaming of around the world travel and need inspiration, the advice and perspectives in these stories will point you closer down your path toward travel. Whether you doubt if you can afford world travel, or if your family will approve, there’s advice here for you.

Budget for World Travel

Afford a life of world travel.

For most people, we can afford those things we prioritize. And while life is never that simple, international world travel is likely more affordable than you assume—it all depends on how you save, where you go, and for how long. These resources share how to navigate budgeting and all things money and travel.

practical planning advice for long-term travelers.

Plan long-term world travel, specifically.

Planning an around the world trip spanning months or years is a very different beast than a short trip. Here’s what you need to know from my 13+ years of peripatetic wanders.

how to find flights and accommodation

Research & book your around the world trip.

Finding the great flight deals (and learning how to use credit cards for travel hacking) can significantly lessen the cost of traveling the world. These resources share my go-to methods for findings flights, accommodation, visas, and things to do in each new place.

How to stay healthy on the road

Stay healthy and safe.

Staying healthy while traveling is an art and a science combined. When you’re traveling in developing regions of the world, it’s just a matter of when you’ll get sick. Be prepared. Know how to approach travel safety and health before you need this vital information. Here’s how:

Advice for long-term travelers

Live your best travel life.

Life on the road has highs and lows, down days and true life-changing highs. Make your trip memorable with first-hand advice about handling loneliness, navigating new destinations like a pro, and finding the transformative travel experiences you seek.

How to find freelance work and travel the world

Pick the resources for your travel style.

I’ve been many types of travelers over the years, in fact, I am all of these at once. I’ve worked remotely for 16+ years, I travel responsibly, and I travel mostly solo (though never truly alone). Select your travel style and you’ll find all of my best resources and tips for that type of traveler. :)

Discover companies I truly love (and recommend).

These are the booking engines, guidebooks, and travel companies I use every time I’m planning a trip.

Who is World Travel Right For?

There is no one specific type of person who travels around the world. People of all ages, backgrounds, and interests may choose to travel extensively for a variety of reasons. That means if you’re dreaming of world travel, it’s possible and someone in your exact circumstances has figured out how to do it! The resources provided outline all of the detailed steps to get from dreaming to doing. But if you’re still not ready to commit to world travel, here are some common traits or characteristics that people who travel around the world may have include:

  1. Curiosity: A desire to learn about new cultures, people, and places is often a driving force for people who travel extensively.
  2. Adventure: A love of adventure and a willingness to try new things and step out of one’s comfort zone can be important for those who want to travel around the world.
  3. Flexibility: Traveling around the world often requires a certain level of flexibility and adaptability, as you may encounter unexpected challenges or changes in plans.
  4. Resourcefulness: Being able to problem-solve and find solutions in unfamiliar situations can be a valuable skill when traveling around the world.
  5. Open-mindedness: An open-minded attitude and a willingness to embrace new experiences can help make the most of a trip around the world.

Sound like you? I’ve spend more than 15 years helping other travelers find ways to travel the world on short or long-term trips. Usually there are some fears that might be holding you back from around the world travel. Here are some common fears that may be preventing you from traveling:

  1. Fear of the unknown: Traveling to unfamiliar places can be intimidating, as it involves stepping out of one’s comfort zone and encountering new cultures, languages, and ways of life.
  2. Fear of safety: Some people may be afraid to travel due to concerns about personal safety, such as the risk of crime or terrorism.
  3. Fear of getting lost: Not knowing your way around an unfamiliar place or being unable to communicate with locals can be a source of anxiety for some people.
  4. Fear of flying: Some people may be afraid of flying due to a fear of heights, turbulence, or other factors. Did you know it’s possible to travel the world without flying?
  5. Financial concerns: Traveling can be expensive, and some people may be afraid to travel due to concerns about the cost or their ability to afford it. That was me—I couldn’t initially conceive of how I would afford long-term travel. Then I realized that world travel can be more affordable than life at home, particularly in you work remotely.
  6. Health concerns: People with certain medical conditions or disabilities may be afraid to travel due to concerns about access to medical care or the ability to cope with unfamiliar environments.

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