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My heart pattered with fear when I touched down in Sydney way back in 2008. That was the first day of my yearlong round the world trip. With very little information online about long-term travel back then, I set out to document my trip, but also share all the practical details, too. For nearly a decade, I have used this page to share all the nitty gritty details of planning world travel and working from the road. And while I traveled solo for the bulk of that first year, since then I’ve traveled and volunteered with friends, family, and even my tween-aged niece. On this page you will find what I think of as my Ultimate World Travel Planning Resource. It answers every reader question I’ve fielded over the years, and also everything I’ve figured out through trial and error.

Over time, this page grew too large to house all the information in one spot. While you used to be able to sit down with a cup o’ joe and read from top to bottom, once it hit 20,000 words, I broke out the larger topics into their own discussion pages and put the smaller topics on an FAQ page.

Is a life of travel right for you?

Afford a life of travel.

Plan long-term travel, specifically.

Research and book your trips.

Pack the right gear.

Packing advice and tips

Stay healthy and safe.

Live your best travel life.

Pick the resources for your travel style.

Discover companies I truly love (and recommend).

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Let me know if you have any other questions or something I can help you with; I am happy to lend an ear or help you find the resources you need to plan your own world travels. I look forward to chatting! :)

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