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In 2008, I began traveling the world. Since that day, quite a few things have happened. The folks at National Geographic named me Traveler of the Year for my work in responsible tourism (I’m still reeling). Millions of you found your way to this corner of the internet (holy cow!). And together we created an entire community with one common belief: A life of travel creates a story of the world worth telling. Thank you, and welcome to A Little Adrift.


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A Little Adrift covers a range of topics written from experiences spanning more than a decade of travel—from stories of transformative travel and stories of life on the road, to thorough destination guides and practical tips on packingbudgeting, and planing travel.

Everything you read on A Little Adrift comes from firsthand experience, or recommendations from the ALA community. We share with a goal of empowering everyone to use travel as a force for good.

Cost of Living in Bali, Indonesia (2021)

Moving to Bali is the stuff of travel dreams. The Indonesian island has a reputation for its gorgeous setting, delicious food, and fascinating Hindu culture. Popular culture has done a wonderful job selling the island’s most idyllic aspects, but there’s a bit more to Bali than simply an island paradise. While many expats have chosen…

A Little Insight… What Goes Into a Sustainable Tourism Industry?

Around the time that I was struggling to hold down my breakfast, hiking at a clipped pace across the wild Kyrgyz countryside and up a mountain, I realized a few things needed to change. Having just finished hiking 500 miles of Spain’s Camino de Santiago a few weeks earlier, I was fit enough for the…

A Little Expat Living… Cost of Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand (2021)

Everything I’ve been telling you is true, it’s cheap! I’ve paid rent in both Orlando and Los Angeles, and my Thailand costs have averaged at least one third of my previous living expenses.

Part of why I moved to Chiang Mai was because I had this suspicion that I could maintain a fun and full life,…

A Little Mistiness… How to Hike the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye

Weak sunlight peeped from behind the smoke-gray clouds and I surmised that today, like everyday for the past four days, was another classic Scottish day—damp and cold. Although I had hoped for perfect weather when I tackled one of the most famous hikes on the Trotternish Peninsula, the northeast area of the Isle of Skye, the…

A Little Kiss… Smooching Ireland’s Famous Blarney Stone

Ireland is the most charming country on the planet. Okay, that’s a bold statement, I know. I’ve visited truly incredible countries during my year on the road. And while Laos and Nepal hold particularly special places in my heart, Ireland feels like home. My parents nursed me on stories of the Emerald Isle. Pictures of the O’Donnell…

A Little Review… World Nomads Travel Insurance Explained (Plus Great Alternatives)

When you’re planning for domestic or world travel (either a quick trip or long-term travel), you have a dizzying number of options to review when it comes to picking the best travel insurance. After twelve years on the road, I still like World Nomads travel insurance for backpackers, adventurous travelers, and long-term travelers. My initial…