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In 2008, I began traveling the world. Since that day, quite a few things have happened. The folks at National Geographic named me Traveler of the Year for my work in responsible tourism (I’m still reeling). Millions of you found your way to this corner of the internet (holy cow!). And together we created an entire community with one common belief: A life of travel creates a story of the world worth telling. Thank you, and welcome to A Little Adrift.


Travel stories, personal ones, advice about life on the road—it’s all here.

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Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Living Abroad

Discover the cost of living everywhere from Mexico to Spain to Thailand—plus the pros and cons of expat life, and resources to move overseas.

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Remote Work

Here’s how to find remote work, how to plan work-friendly travel, and resources from a digital nomad who has lived and worked abroad for 15+ years.

Responsible Travel

Named a National Geographic Traveler of the Year for my work in responsible tourism, these are the best stories and resources for responsible travel.

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A Little Adrift covers a range of topics written from experiences spanning more than a decade of travel—from stories of transformative travel and stories of life on the road, to thorough destination guides and practical tips on packingbudgeting, and planing travel.

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