Travel Stories from the Blog

My travels around the world started in 2008, and I have never returned to living in the U.S. Over the course of the past years, I’ve explored and documented travels in more than 70 countries.

In 2018, I decided to call Spain my home—that’s where I live now. My travel blog includes more than 450 travel stories, including anecdotes, photoessays, slice-of-life portrayals of my adventures, and a number of travel tips for everything from packing for travel to living abroad.

Stories of culture and social enterprise.

Discover stories focusing on culture, community, and responsible travel. Travel can be a force for good in the world when you travel with purpose and respect. These stories are all about unique ways to connect to cultures and communities, and profiles on amazing people, organizations, and travelers creating social change through travel.

Stories of life on the road.

Traveling the world these years has changed my life. I am a better person because of the lessons I’ve learned, the unique challenges and opportunities that have only come to me through nearly a decade of solo round the world travels. These stories share my fears, confessions, and musings on anything and everything related to a life of travel.

Photoessays from around the world.

We live in such a pretty world. So much beauty to witness from nature, from people. Take a visual tour through cities, cultures, and landscapes with a selection of posts that focus on allowing the photos to tell the stories. 

How to move and live abroad.

I’ve lived all over the world since 2008. Although I spent years traveling, I also stopped for six or more months at a time in various countries to find a place I loved living. I moved to Barcelona in 2018 for the low cost of living and high quality of life, and I’m still here now.

Latest travel stories and blog posts.

Although the blog was chronological in my early years of round the world travel, now I share stories, advice, tips, and anecdotes that cover thousands of stories, hundreds of new friends, and more than a decade of traveling the world.