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Last updated on June 24, 2023


Social Enterprise & Sustainable Travel Stories

Immerse yourself in the stories of social enterprises all over the world that are committed to implementing change in their own communities. These business act as a beacon of hope for industry and are an example of responsible travel done right. These stories also share perspectives on the industry, highlight issues you should avoid, and more. 

Responsible Travel Guides

Each travel guide on A Little Adrift provides a total picture of the countries you are planning to visit. With detailed cultural and background information, as well as ethical concerns specific to each country, these guides provide a starting point for your trip. Each guide incorporates first-hand advice from my own travels there, as well as tips from the ALA community too. You’ll find links to plan: accommodation, things to do, what to read before you leave, and so much more.

Grassroots Volunteering

GV is the sister site to A Little Adrift and provides travelers with an absolute resource dedicated to responsible travel. The site features two databases aimed at making every trip as sustainable as possible. One database collects a crowd-sourced (and always growing) list of business that operate with a strong social mission. The other is a searchable list of vetted indie volunteering opportunities. No matter your budget or style of travel, there are concrete ways to can add aspects of responsible tourism to your travels, and GV teaches you how.

The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook

The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook uses storytelling, research, and practical information to guide travelers to an ethical volunteer experience. The book grew from the lessons I learned while traveling, and it fills a gap in the industry by providing easy-to-understand advice and guidance that grounds travelers and helps them understand the effects of international volunteering and how they can best create a positive impact on the communities they visit as they travel.

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