Digital Nomads

Last updated on June 24, 2023


Where & How to Find Freelance Work Online

For nearly a decade, I have collected an exhaustive page answering the most common questions facing long-term travelers. The pages below are stand-alone topics with an in-depth discussion on their own, while this resource page covers nitty-gritty information you need to plan a round the world trip—from how to plan a route to handling your taxes. With more than 20,000 words of content, this practical resource should be your first stop

Ergonomic Travel System

Working from the road is the holy grail for a lot of freelancers and online workers. The idea of typing those work emails from a beachside hammock is alluring, even if not very practical. It’s actually pretty hard to type in a hammock, and if you’re working online it’s terrible for your body. When you’re working online for hours every day, it’s important to use tools and apps that allow you to: maintain proper posture, avoid repetitive strains, and generally keep up a good balance of work and travel. Before I implemented this system, I had serious RSI and carpal tunnel, and these tools helped me lessen the damage as I continue my online work.

Cost of Living Guides

An increasing number of digital nomads, families, and others are looking for ways to save costs, experience a new culture, and live in another country. But it’s never straightforward knowing if you will like a spot before you arrived. These comprehensive guides detail the cost of living in the world’s major expat spots, with links to real budgets from other expats. If you’re researching where you might move for months or years, this is your first stop for information on budget, quality of life, expat scene, visa considerations, and more.

Resources for Building Online Businesses

This resources page is built with digital nomads, travel bloggers, and freelancers in mind. While one of my businesses is this travel blog, I have also freelanced and run an online SEO and marketing business since 2005. Most of that time was spent on the road juggling clients and commitments. This is a mind-dump and resource-dump of everything I have used for both my travel site, and my freelance work.