A Little Confusion… The Mexico to Belize Border Crossing at Chetumal

Last updated on March 5, 2022

Given how popular this border crossing is, and the sheer lack of information, I am excerpting the latest detailed comments from travelers who have just done the border crossing during Covid restrictions. Far below this information is the original post, but do not assume that any information you find online is accurate unless it’s been updated in the past month with the constantly-changing Covid protocols. Here is an synopsis of the stand-out comments relevant to crossing the Mexico and Belize border at Chetumal in Jan 2022. The comments at the very end of the post have even more details and travelers weighing in.

Travelers have shared the contact numbers for a safe, affordable taxi transfer—these are reliable options for crossing either way (from Belize into Mexico, or vice versa). Each driver also speaks English, has contacts on the Mexico side, and can help you with advice on how to get to your ultimate destination (be it the islands, Guatemala, or back into Mexico). Spread the love around to each as they are all very highly recommended by travelers who have come before you.

  • Alberto the BZ Transporter: +501-630-2700
  • George from Get Transfer: +501-604-5789
  • Venancio, who has a van ideal for larger groups: +501-603-6711
  • Jesus Catizm: +501-620-6653

You might call a couple and see if they have any travelers scheduled who are willing to share the transfer if you’re looking to save money. And each driver will hook you up with a trusted contact on the Mexican side of the border if needed, so you’re not ripped off on the short trip. Note that if the Belize border organizes your transport to Belize City it’s a flat, non-negotiable $180 and some travelers have reported getting ripped off on the Belize side. Also note that if you want to go very budget, Emma in the comments outlines how she booked a taxi to Corozal for $25 USD and then caught the chicken bus to Belize for about $5.

Also, you CANNOT cross from Mexico to the Belizean islands. You need to cross into Belize overland through Chetumal, then catch a ferry. Check out this company operating ferries three times a week.

How to Cross the Border at Chetumal

This process is cribbed from detailed, recent comments from those who have crossed recently, you should have all of the cash you need on you. This is how the trip goes from Cancun to Belize City.

Consider taking the comfortable bus down from Cancun and stay overnight in Chetumal. Travelers recommend Hotel Urban 101 in the city center for about$30 a night. You can have the hotel to call a taxi in the morning, or arrange through trusted drivers above. Leave early—between 7:30 am and 9 am is a good bet. Book somewhere to stay in Chetumal.

1. Get a Taxi in Chetumal to the New Border

Your taxi will know which border you need for the crossing—it’s the new border, not the old one. They are very near each other, but some guide books and blog posts will tell you to visit the old one. Also note that you can not cross the border via water—this is your border crossing option, period.

2. Have Your Travel Documents Handy for Both Border Checks

On the Mexico side they will thoroughly check your luggage, and then make sure you already have reservations in Belize, which is a requirement. Screenshot everything on your phone so this is very quick and easy. Next, I went to have my exit stamped in my passport and they asked me if I had already paid the tourism tax. Since I had read up on this potential for a scam before, I knew that it was included in my airfare from Canada to Cancun so I said yes and named the airline. You can ask for an itemized receipt from the airline that shows this fee already paid—then screenshot it and show it to them. Many people have had to pay this “fee” even though they probably already paid it if they flew into Mexico. Be prepared ahead of time and you can avoid being charged twice! It continues to be an issue. This will save you 560 Mexican pesos.

Next, your taxi will cross the bridge to the Belize Customs Control area. This is where you say goodbye to your Mexican taxi driver and pay him. You’ll pay 250-500 Mexican pesos.

3. Prepare for the Belize Border Process

At Belize Customs, first you have to fill out the customs form and health declaration. They will reconfirm you have hotel reservations already booked and that you have transportation waiting. Book a hotel in Belize—you must have a reservation before arriving at the border! I didn’t have transportation booked, but I knew I would have to take a taxi, which costs a flat $180 USD to anywhere in the Belize City area. YES, you could book a hotel in Corozal, stay over and then take a chicken bus to Belize City for around $8 USD, but if you don’t have this arranged ahead of time, it won’t work—they are strict about making sure you DO NOT take the chicken buses at the border—it must be private shuttle or taxi—which they can arrange for you on the spot if you haven’t pre-booked a taxi. (Note: Some recent travelers in the comments have said it’s not always possible to arrange/find a taxi on the spot, so book one ahead of time!)

Other options for onward travel: To Corozal they charge $35 USD per taxi, from there to San Pedro you can take water taxi at 7 AM for $50 USD or a plane at 9:30 AM or 5 PM for ~$70 USD but the latter only during the week which, however, is not confirmed as so far travelers have opted for the boat.

4. Undergo Covid Testing Protocol at the Belize Border

After filling out the forms at the Belize border, you then have to get an antigen test on the spot—it costs $50 USD, with results in 15 minutes. Do NOT test in advance—this is NOT accepted at Belize land borders (airport is a different process). There was only a couple ahead of me, so there was no wait for the test. After you receive your negative results, they assign you a driver and he drives you to the next Customs gate for border formalities.

5. Finish Up the Belize Border Process After Negative Antigen Results

The driver waits for you on the other side for you to finish your testing process. I was the ONLY traveller in the whole customs building, so it took 30 seconds. The customs officer took a picture of my reservation, including the paid receipt. Have this ready on your phone before you head for the border. It will speed everything up and reduce your stress level.

After that, I took the taxi to Belize. My driver was excellent, the car was comfortable, and I was in my hotel at 11:15 am!! Faster than flying by a long shot! For the same cost, better experience. If you are on a budget, do the Corozal dodge I mentioned above—just be prepped and book everything in advance (here are some hotels you can pre-book in Corozal).

So that’s it in a nutshell. Expect to pay about $225 and spend about 40 minutes in total to get all that done at the borders.

Update Jan 2022

Read through the comments at the end for the latest additional details on this border crossing. Travelers weigh in almost daily on the state of the border and offer tips on getting across without issue.

Border Crossing Story Prior to the Pandemic

Dear Lonely Planet,

Why have you lead me astray? You disappointed me this past week at the Mexican/Belizean border crossing. To be fair, this is the first time you’ve been so incredibly misguided, dear Lonely Planet: Central America —you have helped me confidently navigate uncharted waters, until now. 

I love you, I nurture you, I pull you out of the depths of my bag when I’m in a pinch, yet you disappoint me at the weirdest times. You have ten different hostel accommodations for random pueblitos, but yet a mere paragraph about the fairly confusing border crossing between Mexico and Belize via Chetumal.

But also, you know, thank you. You made me realize that travel is about more than a guidebook. Without the right information, I was forced to get creative. And over the years, I’ve realized there’s always a local nearby willing to impart the information you so coyly keep to yourself. I’m learning to rely on you less and less LP, and that’s probably a good thing.

With lukewarm love,


chicken bus border crossing Mexico into Belize
Safely on the chicken bus with the locals crossing from Chetumal into Belize!

My Border Crossing Debacle

The whole guidebook debate crops up on travel blogs every now and again, and I’ve always been on team “tote a guidebook around.” I nearly always have one somewhere in my backpack, and it often provides key information at opportune times—it helps me unlock a different side to a place that I might not have found without it.

But on the other hand, guidebooks also give travelers a false sense of security as well as take out some of the adventure—and hey, travel, after all, is fundamentally about the adventure and interpersonal connections, right?

Here’s the deal, when I arrived at Chetumal, Mexico, I expected the border crossing to be straightforward, like my guidebook indicated. But I arrived after 4pm and first class busses no longer left the terminal for the border.

There was also no  information about what to do at that point.

Picture me now frantically flipping through the Chetumal section of my guidebook. Hmm. The barest mention of another bus terminal.

Perplexed, I looked at the accommodation section of the guidebook with two other Americans who were in the same boat—they stood nearby with the exact same guidebook.

Fast forward a few minutes and were dividing and conquering, each of us hunting down locals and taxi drivers for tips. We came up with nothing. One taxi driver (naturally) wanted us to cab to the border for US $20—instead we asked about the elusive second bus station, he gave us a noncommittal shrug and told use to walk “a couple kilometers in that direction.” And being a fairly rural town, all of these exchanges took place in Spanish, upping the stakes considerably—thankfully my high school Spanish trickled back!

chicken bus into Belize
new friends on the transport misadventure

We actually had a grand mini adventure asking locals for more directions along the way. Rather than just following instructions mapped out in a guidebook, we were forced to hunt down a way to cross the border into Belize. Locals always kept us walking the right way, pointing us the “bus station,” and when we arrived at the indicated lot, there was one single, lone, green school bus sitting forlornly in the lot.

We glanced toward it, wondering if this could possibly be the elusive second bus station. As the bus began moving out of the parking lot, our instincts kicked in and we began running across the lot just as the driver leaned out the window to holler at us.  “Belize?!” he asked in a quick and questioning manner. As we frantically nodded yes, he rumbled to a stop so we could jog to the doors and haul ourselves onto the last bus of the day crossing the border.

beers in corozal, belize with new friends

Is this the biggest adventure of my life? No. But it sure was a lot of fun once we had we hunkered down into the seats, high-fived each other, and then jostled with the motion of the school bus all the way to the border. Once there, cash changed hands (there’s a controversial and possibly scammy Mexican exit tax if you’re not prepared), and I have a couple of new stamps in my good ‘ole passport. Twenty minutes later, we had reached our destination and we confidently made our way into Belize without even a second glance at our guidebooks.

I’m still carrying my guidebook, and I know there are times when I will be so glad it’s nearby as I make my way across Central America. In fact, it’s likely that I won’t go guidebook free anytime in the near future, but this reminded me of how fun and freeing it is to just wing it. The world is not so scary a place that every move needs scripting and planning beforehand, sometimes figuring it out along the way is the real adventure.

Quick Tips: Border Crossing from Chetumal, Mexico into Belize (2021)

Let me clarify this border crossing for anyone following the same path—as of 2019 there are three bus stations in Chetumal: the new bus station for ADO and first class buses, the old ADO bus station, and a smaller one that has been essentially bypassed by new bus routing in 2017, El Nuevo Mercado Lazaro Cardinez. This smaller one was a small market with an open lot in front that held the chicken buses, but unless things change, it’s been effectively handicapped by the re-routing.

If you arrive late into Chetumal and you’re heading into Belize, back in 2009, the only non-taxi transport was a local chicken buses from the market to take you across the border. These buses go all the way to Belize City and stop at smaller towns along the way (we got off in Corozal so that we could head to San Pedro/Caye Cualker in the morning). In the years since my first Central American backpacking adventure, things have changed, and they are likely to change even faster than internet information can keep up since it’s a small border crossing. So, go prepared with information on both bus stations and be prepared to solicit information directly from the bus stations. Taxi drivers will selectively share information so you’re seemingly left with no choice but a taxi to the border.

Bus Stops in Chetumal

  • NEW ADO terminal: Located on Av. Insugentes at Calle Palermo (close to Plaza Las Americas). This is the main ADO bus terminal for services to other destinations in Mexico, including Cancún, Campeche, Mérida, Valladolid, Xcalak, and more. You will likely arrive here and need to head to the Old ADO terminal.
  • OLD ADO terminalSalvador Novo street near Av. Insurgentes and Av. Belice. Buses into Belize leave from here until at least 5:30 pm, possibly later. Buses to Corozal, Belize City, Orange Walk, and also into Guatemala.
  • El Nuevo Mercado Lazaro Cardinez: As of 2017, this market no longer has buses operating services into Belize. If a taxi driver takes you here and tells you that buses are finished for the day, make your way to the Old Ado terminal.

Updated travel advice

This basic wordpress site shares what has to be the most updated information about bus travel in Belize, including frequently updated information about this border crossing right here—he even updated it during the Coronavirus pandemic. The guy who updates it is also very active in the Lonely Planet Thorntree forum discussions about all things Belize. And Rome2Rio shows regularly updated transportation advice for this passage as well.

Ferry Options to Caye Caulker or San Pedro: If you’re up for it, there is a great water taxi transfer from Chetumal to Caye Caulker or San Pedro. You’ll have to arrive and catch the last one by 3pm, so if you do arrive in time, it’s a great option.

Paying the FMM / Mexican Exit Fee: I have read that there is now a bit of a shakedown at this border, at times. If you arrived by air and are leaving by land, paying this fee gets complicated. Here is the best rundown you’ll find online, and this blogger shares their experience in 2014—note that their bus information is wrong, but their advice on the FMM is good to know.

Onward from the border. Stay the night in Corozal, the closest town to the border, if you’ve made one of the last crossings of the day (this is what I did and then headed by water taxi to San Pedro). Alternately, head to the main bus station (if your bus is not one already heading to Belize city). Southbound buses to Belize City take about four hours and depart from Corozal roughly every half hour from 3 am to 7:15 pm.

If you’re heading through Belize into Guatemala, check out my Guatemala Travel Guide for free advice on the best things to do, see, eat, and insider tips on how to navigate the country. 

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    Even if you decide to do this trip alone, you will only be saving a small amount. I highly reccomend contacting Jesus and seeing if there are other customers you can share with.

    I also spoke to Venancio (WhatsApp: +501 603-6711) who was helpful, if Jesus is unavailable.

  43. My friends and I travelled with Venancio listed above from Belize city ferry to Bacalar and I must say it was amazing and by far the most reasonable negotiable taxi we could work with as the one that took us from Chetumal to Belize city charged us more :/ He also stopped us quickly at Corzal maya ruin for some pictures and we had a quick lunch stop before heading to Mexico. There was a long linr at Mexico that took over an hour but he was patient enoughto not charge extra for waiting on us and he knows spanish as well too so he guided us on both borders. His wife was working on their second vehicle that day as well and we met 4 girls at Mexico border whom she was transporting who were sharing costs as well. What I must commend is that he made sure we made no extra expenses and we wish we had met him before coming out of Mexico as he would have made sure the mexican immigration officer dont scam us into paying an additional 630 pesos each. So my advice is if u want a stress free travel contact this guy +5016036711 before leaving Mexico into Belize… and if you on your way out comtact him too he just makes everything easier and economic good service and friendly

  44. Good afternoon guys
    If anyone coming from Caye Caulker or San Pedro and wants to go to Bacalar today May 25th. Give us a call at +501-6206653 WhatsApp available.

  45. We used Venancio’s taxi service during the weekend to cross from Chetumal-Corozal and back. His wife Anna drove us on both occasions and was super nice and helpful. She explained the process of crossing really well and it all was relatively quick. She also even told us lots of stuff about Belize and places we should visit and dishes we should try. The service was excellent and we would recommend the service to anyone wanting to cross. It was our first time doing it and it was so easy. Thanks so much for the great service!🙂👍🏼

  46. Venancio Shuttle Service will have a van leaving at 11 from bacalar tomorrow the 26th of may 22 not the best but can guarantee that you will have the best experience in visting belize my shuttle service as you see my customers speak for themselves never doubt contacting me for price quotation and any travel guidance needed I am here to assist you so that you don’t get scammed at the Mexican border and so that your trip goes smooth even if you don’t require a shuttle service…advice and recommendation are FREE. Whats up #5016036711 https://www.facebook.com/venancio.domingueztaxi 1love ✌❤👍

  47. Good day my Travelers 🧳
    Jesus Shuttle Service has two Vans to cater for a big group anyone wants to join Contact us @ +501-6206653. Give us a call for a quota no credit no problem contact us via WhatsApp 👌
    Remember here at Jesus Shuttle service we provide professional and reliable services at affordable prices for a wonderful trip. Hoping to hear from you all soon. God bless have a blessed Tuesday.

  48. This humble guy Venancio was our shuttle driver, border guidance, tour guide and the contact with the most reasonable price quoted. He worked along with us answering our never ending questions and even joined us with another couple to share costs. His hard working drive and motivation speaks levels and is self recommended! I fully recommend and advice anyone looking for a shuttle from mexico to belize or belize to mexico…to get in touch with him…along with the info from this blog he will guide you every step of the way through both borders so you dont have any unecessary delays! Must also mention that he stopped us for atm, sim purchase and food and bathroom stop at no extra cost! He works along with his wife and both are very efficient and reliable! We are using him on our way back to Bacalar too as we were absolutely pleased with the service and reasonable prices ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fully recommended… By Isabel and Ryan Stewart from Pomona

  49. Bless day everyone today and tomorrow will be having a shuttle can contact me for more information #5016036711 questions are free of cost to ask venancio

  50. Jesus Shuttle service will be having a shuttle service from Bacalar to Belize city water taxi terminal to Caye Caulker contact us at +501-6206653

  51. Just stopping by to leave my feedback I don’t normally do these things but I’ll be very sincere..! I need to put this dude on the map man Jesus Shuttle service has been one of the best transportation service me and my family ever received here in Belize.. this man takes his job seriously. He makes sure he’s there for us minutes before the time. Very reliable no doubt. You definitely won’t regret the ride with him.. don’t be shy ask questions he knows the answers to practically everything.! Everything just Went so smoothly with him. If you have a big family they can cater for you all as well they have two vans running to serve you Jesus and his lovely wife Mrs. Carmita. Give them a call today guys @ +501-6206653. No credit no problem WhatsApp is available.

  52. We wrote Jesus a whatsapp message a week before our trip from Bacalar to Belize City. He answered within minutes and the trip was organised.
    A taxi picked us up on time in Bacalar and drove us to the border where Jesus helped us with the immigration. Because there was another group transport that day Jesus stayed at the border and his wife drove us to Belize city ferry port to catch the ferry to Caye caulker. Everything was very uncomplicated and fast, so we very enjoyed our fast trip to Belize! We would definitly recommend him!

  53. Nous nous sommes retrouvés à chetumal pensant prendre le ferry le lendemain direction caye Caulker et mauvaise nouvelle les traversées commencent en Juin.
    Du coup gros moment de panique comment atteindre le Belize, après plusieurs heures de recherches nous tombons sur ce blog, nous avons contactés Venancio et la il nous a répondu dans la demi heure. Il a organisé la venue d’un taxi le lendemain matin jusqu’à la frontière. Nous avons fait tamponner nos passeports et en suite Venancio nous a récupéré, c’est lui qui a payé le taxi. Nous avons attendu les autres passagers (4 personnes), nous étions donc 3 couples et nous avons payés 45 USD par personne car nous partagions le van. En suite il nous a conduit de l’autre côté de la frontière et nous a bien expliqué les différentes étapes (check in assurance (assurance Belizenne obligatoire pour le covid, nous l’avions prise en France avant de partir), check covid (vaccins à jour), check immigration (verification des bagages). Venancio nous attendez à la sortie. C’est très rassurant de le savoir pas loin tout au long des procédures. En suite nous avons fait à peu près 2h30 de route et il nous a déposés à Belize city au départ du taxi boat pour caye Caulker. Il est très sympa, dommage que mon anglais soit pas top sinon il a la discussion facile, j’ai compris plusieurs anecdotes.
    Merci mille fois Venancio d’avoir sauvé notre transfert !

  54. We have a shuttle service from Belize to Bacalar. It will be leaving at 12:00 midday. Call now at +501-6206653 if your interested.

  55. Jesús thank so much for your amazing service.. I don’t regret giving you a call. This man is surely dedicated to his job by heart ❤️. I highly recommend him. I booked him last minute and he was more than willing to assist me on so short notice. Your not simply getting a transfer service from this man but a whole tour on your way to your destination. He’s very knowledgeable about the historical places in Belize 🇧🇿. You guys definitely need to experience his service. Contact him at +501(620-6653). I definitely recommend him and would definitely use his service again. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  56. If you are looking to travel from Chetumal across the Mexican border to Belize, I thoroughly recommend Venancio (whatsapp on 5016036711). I had flown from London – Mexico City, then Mexico City – Chetumal (in 2 days) and I was really jet-lagged and Venancio was so patient & kind helping me to plan my trip across the border. I didn’t have a set day that I needed to cross, just “at some point this week”. He gave me the price of a private transfer just to take me (on my own) from my hotel to Belize City Harbour. Then he suggested I joined a transfer shuttle that was happening with another couple which brought the price down for us all if we shared. I decided to do that. I was collected in a local taxi (arranged by Venancio) and bought to the Mexican border immigration where I was met by Venancio and my fellow travellers.

    The process through both the Mexican & Belize border was quick and easy. Venancio explained to me what would happen and carried my heavy luggage which was most appreciated.

    The journey from Corozal down to Belize City was scenic and I had a great time chatting in the car with everyone.

    I was quite anxious about figuring out how to get from Mexico to Belize but Venancio made it an effortless (and enjoyable!) experience.

    I would recommend his services to anyone looking to go in either direction (Mexico – Belize or Belize – Mexico) as he can cross the border and can assist with either route.

    I messaged quite last minute and he was able to accommodate me even in my sleep deprived state! Lol.

    Throughly recommended ⭐⭐⭐

  57. Hey guys,
    I wanna say thank you for all the tips we found on this page. Also I can highly recommend the above mentioned Venancio – he saved us a lot of money and time by telling us exactly what to do, where to go and what (not) to pay. Met us at the Mexican border and brought us in, helped us with the rental car and where to park it, and a view days later also helped us on the way back. you can bring more people as long as they fit in his car, it will cost the same – just check with him. Plus, he is a really nice guy to talk to and joke around with. What more can you ask for?

  58. I crossed the border from Chetumal to Corozal on the 16th of May and everything went smoothly. I contacted Venancio on whatsapp, it was nice to have things arranged in advance. He sent me a photo of his licence and the car that was going to pick me up so I felt safe. His wife (I think) picked me up, drove me to the border and waited for me at every point that I had to pass.
    They were very chill at the border, only asked for insurance and vaccination certificate but I had all the above-mentioned documents ready.
    I would definitely reccomend going with Venancio, it’s fast, easy and smooth service. I paid 45usd and saved myself from all the bargening with taxi drivers at the bus station.

  59. Hi there
    I would just like to recommend Venancio for the transfer from bacalar to Belize city. He was amazing, he took 6 of us and sorted the transfer from bacalar to the border, and then collected us there straight away. He was such good fun, a really interesting person and got us to the ferry at Belize city very quick. Here is his number +501 603-6711. Is very good for larger groups

  60. Hi!
    Could you please give me the company name of the ferry from Chetumal to Caye Caulker? I am arriving the 6th of June.

    Thank you so much!

  61. Hello I’m arriving in Belize City June 1st at lunch time and need to head out to my hotel in Bacalar. Any help??

  62. Hello
    Firstly, thanks for this blogpost, it helped us a lot.
    We travelled with Venancio (his wife drove us) on the May 11 2022 from Bacalar to Belze City. We shared the ride with two other travelers. We payed 50 USD per person. (inkl. the taxi ,organized by Venancio, to the border) It worked flawlessly!
    There may be cheaper ways, but this was absolutely stressfree.

    Thx to Venancio and his wife.

  63. We will be having a shuttle service available tomorrow from Bacalar to Belize City. Anyone interested Can contact Jesus at +501-6206653.

  64. I did the crossing with Jesus today and it was smooth, easy and comfortable from Chatumal to Corozal. $70 USD was worth it to take the stress completely out of the process and have a taxi from door to door. His wife made sure I got all the stamps in and out of countries as well as giving me any information I needed. Would highly recommend to anyone who is unsure about the crossing.

    Jesus’ number is +501 620 6653

  65. As a female solo traveller I was so glad to have found this blogpost! I texted Venancio if he had anyone getting over the border with him a few days ago and he gave me the groups number. We met up in Chetumal and everything went really smoothly. I can highly recommend his service. Just ask him if it’s possible to join another group and he’ll hook you up!


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