A Little Travel Memory… Street Mime in Antigua

Last updated on November 17, 2021

Antigua is a directly on the tourist path; in fact, it’s a veritable hub of tourist activity in Guatemala. It’s also pretty swell. It’s an adorably livable city for a traveler in need of a break; these kiddos are in simply rapt attention of a street mime. I just loved the their five figures sitting so close and friendly—body language doesn’t lie and that kid in the orange shirt is intrigued!

A group gathers to watch a street mime on the cobblestone streets of Antigua, Guatemala.

The great thing about a mime on foreign streets—you understand everything that’s happening no matter which language you speak. This was a moment just after the long Semana Santa holidays in the country and there were still plenty of tourists and locals alike on the streets of Antigua, but without the fervor of preparing for Easter Sunday.

I ended up staying in Antigua for longer than I had planned precisely because of moments like this one—the city has pockets of art, culture, and conversation that took me by surprise. Even though it’s a tiny city in comparison to Xela or Guate City, there is a charm in Antigua that permeates. Whenever I needed to find some activities or something interesting, I headed to the town square area for the hum of people.

The other lovely thing about Antigua? The city has volcano views from nearly every street. It’s a photogenic city on the whole, made even more so with unexpected encounters with cute kids and street mimes!

8 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory… Street Mime in Antigua”

  1. LOVE Antigua! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading other bloggers posts and thoughts on this city. It is a place where I, to be completely cheesy, came into my own and came to be ME! In fact……….you may have just inspired a future blog post!

    • Ooo – love it when that happens! Look forward to reading that blog post.
      Antigua is such a safe and friendly city that I can completely see how you
      can have a self-revelation on it’s pretty streets :) Happy blogging


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