A Little Travel Memory… Unique Take-Out Containers in India

Last updated on November 17, 2021

Asking for a to-go container in India yields some pretty interesting results… and to be honest this may have been the only time I asked so I’m not sure what I would have gotten elsewhere. You see, a lovely little Tibetan restaurant in McLeod Ganj had amazing momos. I don’t jest; these were some of the tastiest momos my cousin and I had found (and I made a job out of sampling different momos at each new restaurant). I was flummoxed though when faced with what to do at the end of my meal because in the true nature of eating out in India, my need to sample yielded more food than I could possibly eat in one sitting.

But as we got ready to leave, the vegetarian momos looked so lonesome and wasteful sitting on the table and I couldn’t bear to leave the last six on the plate.

So I asked for a way to wrap ’em up and take ’em home as a snack later.

Take Out Containers in India!
A unique version of take-out in India (and note, my skin is still pink from celebrating Holi the week before).

I applaud their creativity and ability to reuse just about anything. And I’m a huge fan of recycling so I won’t fault them on intent. That being said, this is a dog food container holding human food in a country that is, like me, mostly vegetarian.

So here’s a question do you think I ate them and would you have?!

31 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory… Unique Take-Out Containers in India”

  1. Momos is the one of the good dishes I ate during my travels. I liked it so much specially the T-Momos. You should try T-momos its more yummy than momos. Hope you have a good time at India!

  2. Well, aren’t they supposed to be “doggy-bags”? Seems like they took the definition a tad too seriously :P I wouldn’t have left them there either though ;)

  3. PLEASE tell me you saved the bag and continue to reuse it for snacks! That would be hilarious. Can you imagine the looks you’d get? LOL.

  4. Hmm, first time I’ve seen that! I’m not sure I’d be too pleased with receiving that, but I guess when you’re in India standards are lowered to the floor and then lowered some more too.

    • Lol, they’re certainly different standards over there – but to be fair, they
      did wash the bag out *incredibly* well before doing it! :)

  5. Great story, Shannon! I am a veggie as well and must admit I would probably have hesitated eating from the bag, specially as there used to be meat inside. But I think if the bag was clean and not smelling of dog food, I would probably have eaten the momos as well. :)

    • It was tough as a veggie, knowing that the meat had been in it – but it was
      obvious that they had taken care to really clean out the bag well :) Glad
      you would have too!

  6. Did the bag still smell like dog food? I think you did, and I would have, but if that kibbles and bits odor hit me, I would not have :)

    • It definitely did not smell like dog food – thoroughly clean inside! If it
      had I would not have been able to handle eating any of it at all! lol :)

  7. Hahaha, that is HILARIOUS!!! I’m guessing you probably at them, yes? If they were THAT good, I would have eaten them too. :)

    • Glad I’m in good company and you would have too! I’ll be honest though, it
      could have gone either way. My cousin refused to eat them, but I caved later
      on when I got hungry and the memory of how tasty they were won me over! :)

  8. Definitely great creativity and resourcefulness here. I vote yes, that you ate them. The inside of the bag that I can see in the photo actually looks pretty clean – don’t see brown pieces of pet food dust on the edge :)

    • Glad you’re there with me! Opinion seems to be divided among the women (guys
      say go for it, women hesitate) but the inside of the bag was super clean –
      that’s what swayed me in the end to eat them. :)

    • Yeah…it’s tough..the bag was super clean, but my cousin passed on it and I
      did too at first, until I got hungry later! But yeah, if you’re going out
      for momos best to carry your own zip-locks! I seem to always have a stash in
      my backpack anyway, so now I keep one in my purse too :)

    • Lol, a bit of momo with a side of lamb-shank-pate…yumm. :) Your
      enthusiasm for eating them anyway is hilarious…the dog food bag gave me a
      serious pause of reconsideration…but they were too tasty to pass up in the


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