A Little Food … Tasty Street Eats in Taipei, Taiwan

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My 15 hour long layover in Taipei may not have been enough time to settle in and truly explore all that Taipei, Taiwan has to offer but it’s plenty enough time to eat!

There were moments where the Asian culture shock was creeping up but the familiar pace of a city extinguished a lot of the potential angst. Instead of focusing on being lost throughout the day I followed my nose along the streets of Taipei, allowing the locals on their lunch breaks to dodge around me as I poked my nose into all kinds of treats.

Some were suspiciously meaty and avoided. But a busy street food cart perched right on the corner of a busy sidewalk caught my eye. The muffin pan-like cart top took about one minute to produce a whole steaming hot treats filled with mysterious fillings.

The man pours what looks like pancake dough into the holes. The woman scoops in your chosen filling. More dough. As the lunch snacks briefly cooked the well honed dance of movements between the duo working the street cart never faltered.

Street food in Taipei, Taiwan.

The long queue of locals flowed with swift ease and stood as a testament to these tasty and simple treats.

When my turn came I put the first glitch in their process and both of them smiled indulgent if harried smiles as I indicated through pantomime my choice of two pancakey-things filled with a thick red bean paste and a third with sweet creamy custard.

These eats got me through my hike to Taipei 101 and before my street eats had fully digested dusk painted itself across the sky and the Shilin Night Market beckoned.

Street food vendor at the Shilin Night Market in in Taipei, Taiwan

To be truthful the entire point of the Shilin Night Market trip was to spend as long as possible wandering food stalls sampling foreign treats with name’s I knew not then and know not now.

I found that Taipei was like so much of Asia, even to many of the locals the street eats are incredibly affordable and families converge on the street stalls for their nightly dinner as well.

Street eats, decorative fruit, at the Shinlin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan.Candy coated sweets at the Shilin Night Market in in Taipei, Taiwan

Sweet treats weren’t far either and with a small crowd around these fried milk balls I was intrigued enough to try a stick of the burn-your-tongue-hot sweet cream coated in batter.

Fried milk balls at the Shinlin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan.Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It makes me chuckle to think that for all that the rest of the world laughs at the US for deep fried ice cream and snickers bars, we’re not the only ones take odd concoctions, coat them in batter and drop ’em a vat of grease!

For the record, they were tasty as expected and I munched them rapidly as I ran from the beginning rain and back to the metro terminal.

25 thoughts on “A Little Food … Tasty Street Eats in Taipei, Taiwan”

    • Markets are my favorite spots to visit in any new place and Taipei’s are
      among the largest, so you can’t go wrong when you’re exploring :-)

  1. Great post on our wonderful Shilin Night Market! I’m quite overdue for a visit actually. There’s another night market here in Taipei that I love even more than Shilin. If you ever get back, lemme know and I can take you on a foodie tour!

    • Oooo – if I come through Taipei again I will definitely take you up on the
      offer of a foodie tour! A good market and street eats are pretty much my
      favorite way to pass the time! Thanks for stopping in and commenting :)

  2. Yummy post.I am a food lover and likes to eat various food during my travel.Taipei appears to be awesome place for foodies like me and i will travel to Taiwan soon for enjoying the street food.

    • You will be in heaven as a foodie -the night market has street upon street
      of different great eats – it all smelled so tasty that even the meat had me
      enticed to take a few sniffs (and that’s saying a lot since I’m a
      vegetarian!). Enjoy Taiwan when you make it there! :)

  3. The pancake things look delish! My aunt is from Taipei so I feel like I have an excuse to visit… but food is now just another reason!

    • You absolutely have an excuse to go visit, hopefully she still lives there
      or would go too though, it’s really a city best explored with a local! :)

    • The street eats are incredible – when you make it there you will not be
      disappointed! Thanks for stopping in and commenting Andrea :)

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