A Little Update … Travel Plans, Recent Press, and Otherness

Last updated on December 10, 2016

Somehow, two and half months have passed since I landed in Mexico and moved into a studio apartment in the tiny town of San Pancho. Life is zipping along. When I started writing this update, I planned to lament that I still haven’t learned how to relax, despite my decision to use my time here in Mexico for just that. And yet, it seems as though I have, in fact, begun to take things a little slower. I catch the sunset more days than not. I read several books each week. It’s progress because I also spend hours and hours each day staring at my computer screen. Baby steps.

Sunset in San Pancho

I have come to the point where I have to finish off the contents of my fridge in the next three weeks, take the handful of daytrips I have long put off, and plan my summer travels. I’m terrible about sharing my successes, updates on what I have done recently, and upcoming plans. This post will be just that — upcoming travels plans, a couple of successes, and my other writing around the web. :)

Upcoming Travel Plans

Our plans firmed up just yesterday, and it’s official: I am meeting my dad in Panama in mid-June. My dad and I last traveled together internationally throughout Ireland in 2005. When I left for Mexico in February, he started planning a way for us to meet and travel together again. He grew up in Panama on the base in the Canal Zone. He’s gone back to Panama several times since then, and he is thinking of retiring in Panama at some point. With all that in mind, he’s keen to show me around. My dad’s great, so it’ll be good fun. I’m looking forward to exploring with him and seeing his childhood stomping grounds. :)

More immediate plans are to leave my little town and go overland into colonial Mexico for a month, then I fly to Panama. The route is undecided, but after nearly three months stationery, I’m eager to do some exploring next month.

Hiking with my dad on the northwest coast of Ireland through sheep pastures, ruins, and graveyards (he was on the hunt for some ancestors).


Update on My Book, Writings, and More

times of india logo

Ah, my book. I had this idea in my head that once the book was released into the wild I could rest. That was far from the truth. I have spent these many months writing guest posts, interviews, radio shows, podcasts, and the like to get The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook (the book’s landing page here) into the hands of as many potential travelers as possible. Most notable have been these successes for the book and myself:

  • Booklist Magazine Review: This publication from the American Library Association doesn’t often feature self-published works, but the reviewer loved my book enough to post the review online as well as in their bi-monthly magazine.
  • Altruistic Adventures on the Times of India: The Times of India newspaper interviewed me for a piece on volunteer vacations.
  • Outside Magazine: The April 2013 issue of Outside Magazine bought and featured one of my photographs from Laos. This made me do a happy dance. :)
  • UCF Today: My alma mater interviewed me about the book, then the student newspaper interviewed me too. It’s nice to feel like I am doing my University proud.
  • I wrote a piece for the USA Today College about The Power of Immersion for students studying abroad over the summer.
  • How to Ethically Volunteer Anywhere in the World: A guest post on Nomadic Matt.com; likely the best overview you’ll find of my stance on the hows and whys of international volunteering.

It’s just me over here at A Little Adrift, so I am grateful to the bloggers, websites, and publications who have helped me share my message, ideas, and photography these past months.

All smiles after a mimosa brunch with fellow blogging friends also living in San Pancho, they include the faces behind: Planetary Collective, Bridges and Balloons, and Neverending Voyage. :)



Asking for help and support is one of my 2013 resolutions to do better. To that end, if you’re keen on helping here are a few other things you could do, and other places we can connect online.

Volunteer Handbook on Goodreads

If you’ve bought the book online from the likes of Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it would help me immensely if you left a review. As a bonus, if you leave a review and then email me your home address, I’ll send you a postcard from Mexico as thanks! There’s no limit on this; shoot me an email when you review(ed) it and I’ll postcard you from wherever I happen to be traveling. :)

On Goodreads
I mentioned this to newsletter subscribers, but I am on Goodreads and would love to connect with you if you are as well! The book’s page is here, and if you’ve read it, want to read it, or hate it (please don’t hate it) I would love to interact with you there.

I’m using Instagram a lot lately and I post more whimsical photo updates from my travels. It’s also usually more current, sharing photos from my current location. Join me: @ALittleAdrift and let’s bond over posting over-processed photos of our food. ;-)

Going Forward

A couple of quick notes to finish things off. A Little Adrift is getting a makeover in the next few weeks — a facelift of sorts with spiffy new colors and a whole new design. It’s shiny. I have also finalized a project that was in the works for years. And I’m fine-tuning the idea for my next big project, which I will divulge soon or so before I divulge it. Big fun things are happening. Thank you for the support and for following along.

OK, my guacamole is calling to me; I’m off to eat lunch. I hope you have a wonderful week. :)


14 thoughts on “A Little Update … Travel Plans, Recent Press, and Otherness”

  1. I can’t help but reflect your sentiments on too much computer time! If only it was possible to completely let go of all formal responsibilities for weeks on end..

    • Agreed Paul! Sometimes I feel chained to the computer bc of the lifestyle I built, but I have taken forced breaks before and it is lovely (Myanmar was one bc there was no internet to be had!). Good luck navigating that as well :)

  2. It’s incredible how difficult it is to force yourself to relax. Even in a place as beautiful as Mexico!

    • Right! Is this a sickness of the working on the internet because I always feel like there is something I should/could be doing — answering emails, tweeting, etc. :)

  3. Sounds like you’ve been a bit busy to say the least! We look forward to reading your book-sounds like an amazing resource! Excited to hear about your next big project when you decide to spill the details :-)

    • Thanks so much for support! I think the book acts as a really good primer for anyone who wants to volunteer. As for the other project — it’s daunting so I want to make sure I can actually do it before I spill :)

  4. Yeah for you! Congratulations. We’ve been following you for some time now. (We did our first extended trip in 2008, around the same time you did.) It’s great to see hard work paying off. We look forward to reading the book and spreading the word!

    • Thank you so much for the support Tamara; it has been years of progressing, but I am happy that all of this has kept me on the road so far :)


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