A Little Travel Memory … They Got to Ride Around in That?!

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I beg you to look at this ancient bronze parade chariot from the 6th century BC and not be wowed; it’s inlaid with ivory and stands as one of the coolest things I saw at The Met in New York City. Museums are one of those things that can be really hit or miss…and it’s totally NOT my thing to seek out a new museum in every single town I visit – simply not my style. I like museums, I find them  incredibly intriguing and a great window into a new culture but also think they’re one of those “dose activities.”

Ancient Bronze Chariot
A very cool ancient bronze chariot as one of the exhibits at the Met in New York City.

But a trip to NYC necessitates a visit to at least one of the museums – especially since it was my first trip actually spending time in the city. And I really enjoyed the four hours I spent wandering the interesting (to me) rooms (ancient pottery…skip…also not quite my thing) and although I am by far not a NYC museum authority – it ranks up there as top five museums I’ve wandered (also on the list is the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy).

Quick Travel Tips: The Met

How much: The museums show a recommended amount of $20 – it’s recommended which means you can pay whatever you want…that means budgeting RTW backpackers can still visit without blowing a day’s worth of food on entrance!
When to go: The Met is closed most Mondays, check out the general Met information to confirm days, times, and special exhibits!
Tips: Grab the map! The Met is huge, it’s easy to get a little lost (which can be fun) but a map will help you hit the areas you find most interesting.

6 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory … They Got to Ride Around in That?!”

    • You definitely should. Although check what special exhibit is at MoMA right
      now, I’ve been itching to check that out and have heard good things too –
      they had a big Tim Burton exhibit over the summer!

  1. This is indeed a very interesting artefact. I must admit that I don’t visit enough museums. I always like it when I do, but somehow I seem to forget about them. I’d sooner visit a cathedral or a castle then a museum. Weird, really…

    • I have that same problem…but for me it’s cathedrals! I spent a summer
      studying in Italy and the number of churches…whew, a lot! I’ll do some,
      but somehow I forget them too ;-)


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