A Little Travel Memory … They Got to Ride Around in That?!

Last updated on November 17, 2021

I beg you to look at this ancient bronze parade chariot from the 6th century BC and not be wowed; it’s inlaid with ivory and stands as one of the coolest things I saw at The Met in New York City. Museums are one of those things that can be really hit or miss…and it’s totally NOT my thing to seek out a new museum in every single town I visit – simply not my style. I like museums, I find them  incredibly intriguing and a great window into a new culture but also think they’re one of those “dose activities.”

Ancient Bronze Chariot
A very cool ancient bronze chariot as one of the exhibits at the Met in New York City.

But a trip to NYC necessitates a visit to at least one of the museums – especially since it was my first trip actually spending time in the city. And I really enjoyed the four hours I spent wandering the interesting (to me) rooms (ancient pottery…skip…also not quite my thing) and although I am by far not a NYC museum authority—it ranks up there as top five museums I’ve wandered (also on the list is the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy).

Quick Travel Tips: The Met

How much: The museums show a recommended amount of $20 – it’s recommended which means you can pay whatever you want…that means budgeting RTW backpackers can still visit without blowing a day’s worth of food on entrance!

When to go: The Met is closed most Mondays, check out the general Met information to confirm days, times, and special exhibits!

Tips: Grab the map! The Met is huge, it’s easy to get a little lost (which can be fun) but a map will help you hit the areas you find most interesting.

6 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory … They Got to Ride Around in That?!”

    • You definitely should. Although check what special exhibit is at MoMA right
      now, I’ve been itching to check that out and have heard good things too –
      they had a big Tim Burton exhibit over the summer!

  1. This is indeed a very interesting artefact. I must admit that I don’t visit enough museums. I always like it when I do, but somehow I seem to forget about them. I’d sooner visit a cathedral or a castle then a museum. Weird, really…

    • I have that same problem…but for me it’s cathedrals! I spent a summer
      studying in Italy and the number of churches…whew, a lot! I’ll do some,
      but somehow I forget them too ;-)


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