A Little Confession… Changing Plans and Heading to Bali

Last updated on December 2, 2017

If you’re a faithful reader here at A Little Adrift then you very well could think that I am still hunkered down in Guatemala practicing my Spanish…that’s not precisely true! I left Central America about a month ago to take place in a wedding and a travel blogging conference (not at the same time) but both in the US.

Friends on Roosevelt Island, NY
Friends on Roosevelt Island, NYC

I still have stories from Central America to share, but now I’ll pile in some tales from the Indian wedding ceremony I attended in Northern California’s wine country and a two week pit stop in New York City to hob-nob with other bloggers and writers in the travel industry.

Being back in the United States has been rough for me though – not only a bit overwhelming choice-wise because I am finally eating something that doesn’t start and finish with rice and beans on my plate three times a day, but I’ve realized that this is simply not home anymore. At least not right now.

Vineyards in California
Vineyards one of my California wine tours

Coming back stateside I had planned to rest up for a few months back home; I was so traveled-out after more than 18 months of travel and I just wanted a home base. Then I would ponder my next move and expat myself somewhere in Asia.

Family and home circumstances have changed rather rapidly though and I actually had a really hard time adjusting to this new direction – which is to head to Bali within the next few weeks. I applaud myself privately in my own head for my ability to adapt to changes and abandon a set plan on the road…but put me back in the US and old patterns came back – I did not take this wrench in my carefully planned out US time very well at first.

But Bali has been in the back of my head for several months – I wrestled between moving to either Bangkok or Bali, and Bali won out for right now. I’m excited to get in some more diving, hiking volcanoes, and learning to surf (some more, because I surfed the white wash in Australia!) along with fresh fruit and to once again feel the warm welcome of the Hindu-Buddhist culture.

So that’s the plan! And in the crazy way of the Universe, the same college friend that I randomly ran into in Bangkok last year and ended up traveling with for six weeks – well she just told me she is also moving to Bali for a yoga teacher’s training course this fall.

I love it when everything seems to come together out of chaos.   :-)

29 thoughts on “A Little Confession… Changing Plans and Heading to Bali”

    • Thanks Manu! I actually don't head out there until next month so I am
      actually back in the States for a few more weeks – really eager to get there

  1. I think once you leave the US again and land in Bali, you'll find yourself more than happy with your decision. It's during my yearly trips home too that I begin to question eveerything and when I struggle the most with my lack of concrete plans.

    But every time I get back out there on the road, I'm as happy as can be!

    And perhaps I'll be joining you over in Bali at some point…

    • Would lollve to meet up in Asia! Lately I've been getting antsy to
      explore more of India and I know that was somewhere high on the list
      of places to visit in the nearish future :)

  2. Bali sounds amazing! One day I want to make it to that area of the world.

    I do have some questions about Xela though – do you have to sign up for classes way ahead of time or would it be possible to show up and register once we make it there?

    • You can definitely register once you get there! I would recommend arriving
      on a Thurs/Friday just so that you can get classes all set up for the
      following week, but some places will still let you start mid-week even if
      you do arrive on like a Tuesday! It's all very flexible, just give a couple
      of days notice if you would like to do a homestay :-)

  3. I think Bali is a fantastic decision and you do deserve to pat yourself on the back for being flexible and adjusting to changing circumstances. We've been thinking about hunkering down in Central Europe for several months to catch up on things, but after talking with you about Bali during TBEX we're wondering if it might be worth the airfare to settle there for a few months instead since. See what you've started!

    • Really?! Glad to see that I planted that seed in you guys, how fun :-) Kinda
      exhilarating to have everything up in the air sometimes, would love to have
      you guys relaxing on that side of the world…just think of all of the
      delicious fooooood ;-)

  4. You are going to love Bali. We surfed for the first time there and it is a great place to learn and become better.
    It is great that you are adaptable. That is what makes life exciting. When plans don't work out, you can always find a solution. Good luck and looking forward to following you to Bali!

    • You're pics of surfing in Bali are def part of the inspiration for making
      that a goal of my time Thanks for the support :-)

  5. How exciting! Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Bali–it's one of the top places I want to go to!

    • Well…if I get a place to stay you should think about a winter vacation to
      Bali – you can stay for free with me where ever I end up! :-)

    • Thanks Brian! Consensus says that it's a pretty fantastic place so I am
      looking forward to relaxing and settling in! :-)

  6. Good for You! I believe that's it's important to make a decision, because without one, you can't change it :) It's that Limbo-thing that stymies me.

    And as for surfing, Absolutely! I've surfed since the age of 11 . . . and, contrary to popular opinion, white guys can dance, and surfing is how I do it.

    Bali is a very sensual place, softly sensual, and I believe it will draw out of you the senses you might find helpful as you continue writing . . . Write On!

    • Well put Scott – I like to have a decision in place even if I know it's
      likely to change :-) My imagination is running wild about Bali because
      everyone has such praise to say about the place – interested to experience
      for myself in the coming months!

  7. I'm headed to Bali as well!!! I'm only going to be there for two weeks or so though, but I wish I could be there longer! When and where will you be in Bali? I'll be there at the end of July. I'm really excited. I've been in South Korea the last three months, and have been craving a little easier, slower, and beach time life!
    It is definitely hard going back to the states after being gone so long. But you seem to have handled it well, and have a plan to move forward. That's always the most important thing! I love reading your blog, and will look forward to hearing/seeing things about Bali.

    • Congrats on heading Bali! Unfortunately I am doubting that we will make it
      there at the same time…I am probably going to head out at the beginning of
      August, but you will have to make sure and let me know how you fare during
      your two weeks since I have never been yet!

  8. Congrats on knowing that you're not in the right place. Have fun in Bali – I am sure it is going to be amazing. And, I hope that, somewhere in the world, we'll end up meeting.

    • Thank you Jennifer – I am pretty psyched about Bali since no one has had a
      single negative word to say about the place! :-)

  9. How exciting! It was a great honor to meet you in NYC last weekend, and I'm looking forward to reading your stories of adventure in Bali :-)

    • Thanks so much Trisha! It was also so fun to meet and hear your ideas about
      the travel space – looking forward to seeing how some of your projects come
      to fruition! :-)

  10. Very excited to follow you as you head to Bali, and looking forward to reading about your experiences there. I'm sure you will enjoy it – truly a beautiful, calming place. And I'll be in Bangkok so hopefully we can meet up and do some travel together too!

    • Thanks Jodi – We will def have to make it happen…all we have to decide is
      where in the world we want to meet once you get back over there too! :-)

  11. So excited for you! I think living abroad can be a very different and enriching experience from traveling. Of course you know I'm planning to hit you up once I get down there as well…


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