A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Guatemala: First Impressions & Travel Plans

Last updated on September 16, 2018

Another week down for my Central America trip. I am beyond content. I love Guatemala.

I’ll say it again. I love my time in Guatemala so far.

The country is a fascinating mix of colors on every surface. It’s not just the colonial buildings that shine in a rainbow of colors. It’s the colorful culture, the beautiful artisan work. It makes me smile to see all of the happily random pairings at every market. Hand-woven skirts stand out in brilliant blues, then they layer that piece with delicate green lace. But it’s not done. The local women top that beautiful traditional dress with chunky red beaded jewelry. It’s been so interesting. I’m loving it so much, I’m staying. It’s too good to move on as I had planned. That’s one of the reasons I kept everything so flexible on the plans. I love Guate, so I’m staying.

Guatemalan women in traditioanal dress

Updates on the Blog

Fun things are happening on the backend. A beautiful indie guidebook for Nepal asked me for a contribution. They loved my Vipassana meditation story and asked me to share in their anthology of travel stories about Nepal. I’ll share more as this develops.

I have been working on the A Little Adrift resources. I know that a lot of work goes into planning a round the world trip, so my time in Central America is spend not only exploring and sharing stories, but I am working to document the planning process that went into my RTW trip. This page on the site will collect all that advice and information, with more added every week.

Travel Updates & Where I’m Going Next

A major Guatemalan festival is coming up. Semana Santa is holy week for the Christians in the world. And Semana Santa is celebrated throughout Spanish speaking countries. It takes place the week before Easter; it runs from Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday. They offer up different ways of celebrating Easter in various countries; Spain has its own version, Mexico its own. And Guatemala, however, is generally regarded as one of the best. They have beautiful celebrations, reenactments of the Holy Week, parades, carpets of flowers and sand. It’s like a neverending feast of options. I am psyched! You can count on me sharing more posts from Guatemala’s Semana Santa celebrations.

I have no firm timeline for backpacking Guatemala. I had planned to stay just a couple of weeks. I love it so much though that I think I might spend the bulk of my three months in Guate. I still want to obtain my advanced divers certification in Honduras, so I have a rough plan to head that way after a month or two here. I’m winging it!

Wrapping Up

I so appreciate the support these past weeks, months, and really since the beginning of the trip. As I move down Central America solo, it’s nice to have the support of the travel community, as well as my friends. I so appreciate the comments you leave and the information you share with me. It’s only through this cumulative effort that I’ve had such a good run so far. Mexico was fun and a perfect gateway to Cuba. Belize had some iffy moments, but I am back in the travel groove and really just loving the range of activities, the culture, and the vibe here in Guatemala.