A Little Perspective… Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun

Last updated on December 28, 2010

I had this realization the other day that my perception of time/years/events are all a wee bit different than many people.

More specifically, different than about 11/12ths of the population (ie. the 11 months of birthdays that do not fall around Christmas/New Years by the way) because I measure time not always by the year—but instead by my age. I am a single age for the overwhelming majority of the year so significant events, new resolutions and goals – all of these are remembered by my age at the time.

Do other people do this? I’ve asked around and it seems a lot of people say:

“Oh, that happened back in ’92, I must have been, what, 19?”

Graduating college in 2006

But instead, I graduated high school the year I was 18, bought my first car, packed up, drove to college, and viscerally experienced the sweet and bitter taste of complete freedom for the first.

My dog died the year I was 21, I passported myself and then left the country on an Italian study-abroad, and I quit my job waiting tables completely and forever (memorable because I vowed never to do it again and haven’t had to yet!).

Grand Canyon with Dad on LA Drive
Kissing cut-out of Kevin Bacon

I moved to LA the year I was 22 (also the year of my college graduation) and the year I started believing in ghosts (my LA apartment was haunted—you had to be there to understand).

I was 24 the year of my quarter-life crisis, when I bought a plane ticket, sold everything, and flew to Australia. And then truly knew what absolute freedom felt like (and the twinges of loneliness occasionally accompanying it).

My family 2010

And today marks the end of my 26th year, and very nearly the end of 2010 as well!

Growing up I was always bitter about my birthday; it falls just three days after Christmas and three days before New Years Eve and that’s an awful lot of holiday action around a day celebrating me.  ;-)

And while “getting shafted” might be a little harsh, it certainly felt like that as a child when all of my friends were stuck attending to their great Aunt Mary twice removed who “only comes into town once a year”.

Now though, the holidays serve to highlight my birthday (and make it hard to forget, honestly).

In fact, it’s as though the whole season is singing to me. All of the songs we hear this time of year, about the New Year to come, new beginnings, changes, resolutions?

Another year over, and a new one just begun…

I am tickled by the fact that the songs and sentiments really apply to me more-so than others  – it makes this season feel, well, more personal in a way…

And so it is that I officially enter my late 20s today. Huzzah! I like the promise that 27 holds for me; a whole new 2011 and the possibilities are endless. I’m still plotting out my 2011 goals, I do still have three days after all. 27 is going to be epic.

I’m looking forward to my new year…if you’re into astrological readings (and I am a bit) this is a transition year for me in preparation for the good stuff that should role in the year I’m 28!

Anything significant/epic/fun happen the year you were 27? :-)

33 thoughts on “A Little Perspective… Another Year Over, a New One Just Begun”

  1. Happy Birthday and a happy 2011 to you from Sydney! :)

    I remember the post you wrote that accompanied the photo with your dad. That was very touching! As for something epic, it happened to me at 26 when I said ‘I do’ to the most wonderful man I have ever known. He makes everything else pale in comparison :)

    • Thanks so much! Happy New Year from Florida! Such a wonderful memory for 26,
      congrats on your continued years of marriage and have a wonderful 2011 :-)

  2. I too always remember the time of events by how old I was at the time!

    For me it’s “Oh, that happened when I was 17, it must have been, what, -06?”

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Shannon!

    • Yay! Glad I’m not the only one – it just seems more logical :) I had a
      wonderful b-day with friends and family, thanks. Happy 2011 Sofia!!

  3. Firstly, heartiest greetings on entering the late twenties. It is absolutely awesome to have a birthday exactly between Christmas and New Year.

    I was 27 a long time back (gosh, I feel like an oldie when I say this!). What I particularly remember about my 27th birthday was that the day coincided with the Diwali festival (biggest festival in Northern India) of the same year 2002. It was the year I got a promotion on my second job and was asked to come back from the field (I’m a marketing person professionally) and be a cubicle dweller full-time. A few days later I resigned from this position, and joined another position. Overall it was a pivotal year personally and professionally.

    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Very cool that your 27th feel on Diwali – that’s huge and certainly started what sounds like a fantastic 27 for you :) Happy New Year!

  4. One of my close cousins turn 24 yesterday! She’s a capricorn too. She kept saying she’s getting old lol. Happy Birthday though and I hope you enjoy many more.

  5. Happy birthday!!! The year I was 27 was the year I finally started dating my high school sweetheart again! :) We’ve been together now for almost three years! Eeeek!

  6. happy, happy birthday!!!
    you’ve got 6 years on me…but 27 is the best number in world, and many women i look up to had their first babes at 27, be careful! enjoy your next year :)

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes – and you have me a tad concerned with that baby business! ;-) Have a wonderful 2011 and thanks for stopping in and commenting!

  7. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Welcome to the other side, I’ve been here 2 years more than you and I can tell you it’s pretty fabulous! ;-)

    • Thanks so much Andi! Good to know the next two years are promising perhaps I’ll be planning my own wedding my the end of my 20s :)

  8. don’t remember… okay, it’s coming back to me. I got passed over for a promotion, but then ended up with a dream job. Went sailing around the British virgin islands but only for one very short week. Worked way too hard and started to realize I was more creative than I thought I was, and that the dream job had its limitations.

    • By the sounds of it 27 was a pivotal year in pushing you into what you’re doing now then! Your site certainly has some wonderful doses of your creativity! :) Happy New Year Margo!

  9. Happy birthday, Shannon! :) I hope you have a great day. Good luck with plotting 2011!

    When I was 27 (which is quite a while ago…) I had just returned from a year in Australia and was lucky enough to have found a job, so that I could start saving up to go back for another year (which I did in 2000).

  10. Happy birthday! Hope we get a chance to see you this week.

    You might want to check the date on the sentence right under that last picture ;-)

  11. I turned 28 this year and I’m pushing the transitions through with our big trip (you could say I’m kinda into them as well). Loved your time line. It is definitely a different perspective. :)

    • Thanks so much Erica! The trip is definitely a pivotal experience and transition – I’ll never be the same after the past two years of travel :) Safe travels in 2011!


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