A Little Travel Memory… The Sheep of Connemara, Ireland

Last updated on November 17, 2021

Ireland is one of those countries that I can’t help describing melodramatically; the country just speaks to my soul. On the Diamond Hill hike in Connemara, Ireland I spotted this sheep among the fully blooming purple heather, which brings to mind the lovely song “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go” that I used to sing back in high school when I worked at a Renaissance Festival for a couple years … it’s such a calm and pretty song and a beautiful one to have stuck in my head during solitary hikes in Ireland.

Sheep are not a novelty to most people, especially the Irish, but I couldn’t help snapping this shot because I grew up in suburbia, far from any farm life and pastures, and it calms me to take in these landscapes so different from the ones I logged in my early years of life.

Sheep Amongst the Heather Connemara
Sheep Amongst the Heather Connemara

You’ll notice the sun is shining in this shot. In a rare moment of total cooperation the universe gave me two weeks of perfect weather, which is an anomaly for Ireland. Bright sunshine followed the previous week’s heavy rains so the entire countryside blossomed into a riot of purples, yellows, and greens. The Irish had crispy red cheeks from sunburns by the second week of sunshine because it was so out of character for enduring blue skies.

My dad has always wanted to live in Ireland but he grew up in Panama during his childhood and Florida as an adult—he says he can’t deal with the overcast weather. I can’t fathom what he means because the weather on the entire trip  thus solidified that I now have an entirely false sense of perspective concerning Ireland’s notoriously rainy and stormy climate and for some unknown reason I left with a bizarre love of sheep?!   ;-)

12 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory… The Sheep of Connemara, Ireland”

    • Thanks Dina – I just don't know why but the purple heather with the sheep
      just eternally reminds me of Ireland :-)

  1. I love this idea! A monsoon of moments pelt us travelers constantly – to capture them like this is so important.

  2. I love sheep! We took tons of pictures of them in Ireland and New Zealand. There are few things cuter than a sheep kneeling to eat grass.

    • Glad you do too! Locals laughed at me when they saw me jump out of my car to
      take photos, lol, but they are just too cute!


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