A Little Greeting… Happy Fourth of July from Washington!

Last updated on July 26, 2021

Happy Fourth of July from the Washington Monument in DC! An old friend of mine from middle school lives in DC while she undergoes training with the government, so I made a pitstop into the city to see her after staying in New York for a week. Being my first Fourth in the city, she gathered up a group of friends and we camped out all day enjoying the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the lawn. As evening approached we hunkered down with thousands of others to watch the 20 minutes of huge fireworks blossoming around the Washington monument.

It was beautiful to see the patriotism of red, white, and blue blankets, shirts, towels and chairs spread all across the lawns around the reflection pond and monument. Although I love traveling outside of the US, there’s just something to be said about singing the National Anthem on the lawns of our capital with other Americans.  :-)

Fourth of July in Washington DC
Fireworks Over the Washington Monument
Fireworks in Washington DC

I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July, or a lovely weekend for non-Americans!

8 thoughts on “A Little Greeting… Happy Fourth of July from Washington!”

  1. Shannon, I’m a first-time visitor to your site. I was reading Candice’s post about the blogging event and clicked through to check out your site.

    Happy 4th and those pictures were amazing. I've always wanted to see DC's in person.

    • Thanks for stopping in! DC is one of those places I DEF recommend for a
      visit, and the 4th of July was amazing…but also kinda one of those things
      you do once and remember fondly…but don't ever do again ;-)

  2. Wow, fabulous photos Shannon! I missed fireworks for Canada Day as I was working the closing shift :(. I'll live vicariously through your post ;)

    • Aww :( That stinks! Hopefully the fireworks though were enough – now just
      imagine the popping sound they make in the air and a little bit of smoke
      smell and you could have been right there too! ;-)

  3. Wow you got some nice photos! You are braver than me… I wasn't going anywhere NEAR the mall yesterday. So many PEOPLE! I ended up watching a local NoVA fireworks show instead.

    • Sorry I didn't get in touch – it was a crazy couple of days with all of the
      crowds! I think that the mall is one of those things you do once, maybe
      twice for the experience (and I'm betting you've done it!) before opting for
      the less intense fun of a Nova show! I loved it but it's not an annual plan,
      that's for sure :-)


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