A Little Confession….Traveler’s Illness at its Best

Riding an ElephantSorry for some of the long delays between postings recently – I was actually paying my dues and hugging a toilet for long eight days.

You know, I knew it was inevitable that I would get sick at some point…when you’re in Asia it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” So, perhaps I can try to think of myself as lucky that it happened so early into my four months in Asia…yes…I am trying really hard to feel lucky right now!

Anyhow, just wanted to update you all.  It was one of the worst illnesses I have had in years….in my entire life to be honest. It started pretty mild but had me dehydrated, curled up in a ball on the dirty bathroom floor, with tear-less crying for home wracking my sick body.

Then to top it all off, I had to travel on a boat up the Mekong River for 9 hours in that condition and wasn’t sure if I was going to make it.  I was told by a guesthouse owner in the next town that the Indian Restaurant (Nazim)  in the pretty little city of  Luang Prabang was to blame…but it was so much more than food poisoning (but Laura did get a mild version of it too) so I just don’t know what I ate to deserve it…

What’s really funny though, is that although I would have given anything and everything in that moment to go home, to get on a helicopter and find myself in the clean and safe confines of a hospital, it all seems so much less severe in retrospect.

I got through it and was immediately grateful once again that I am fortunate enough to be on this round the world backpacking trip.

But, I will take this moment tell any other RTW travelers, backpackers, bloggers, and well…anyone reading this blog post – bring an all-purpose antibiotic with you.

I had Cipro on me and it is the only thing that kept me from dying in a remote town in Laos. There wasn’t a decent hospital within a thousand miles (I am a little terrified that these tiny hospitals will use a dirty needle and I will get any of a dozen unspeakable illnesses and diseases…closest good one was in Bangkok).

So in all seriousness, I thank the universe for my ability to afford modern medicine; I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have some on me…it got me off of the bathroom floor and through those terrifying days of sickness, and back to the adventures .

I’m a little thinner, a little bit more cautious, but I’m alive and happy.  :-)

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  • Niki

    Yikes!!! My poor Shanjuanita! I felt like death when I was food poisoned and it lasted for two days…I can’t imagine 8!

  • Bill

    Looking at your website, there is almost an ENTIRE page I have not yet read. I am sorry for not reading. I have not forgotten about you. It is March 17 here, so I hope you found a green beer with which to celebrate. Perusing one of m favorite web sites tonight and came across a blog quite fitting to you and one I thought you might enjoy.

    Yes, that is THE Ebert. Roger Ebert.
    Hope you are well.
    Will read and leave more comments soon.
    With good thoughts and love.

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