A Little Confession… 13 Flights Down and One Flight to Go

Last updated on December 15, 2018

Holy cannoli guys, in just three hours I will board an airplane that will land on US soil eight hours later.

Weird. I feel weird inside to think that it’s coming an end. I wrote a confession about where my head was at last week, and it’s about like that still, but maybe more manic. I don’t know what to do with myself. My insides are squirrely and nervous and excited and relieved and sad. It’s all the feelings raining down at me all at once.

I went out with a bang and had a lovely last day in Dublin yesterday. In fact, these past three weeks in Ireland have been the most charming way to wrap up a year around the world. Since I had a rental car and weeks on my side, I drove to remote secret parts of Connemara, found incredible Irish music, and I spent hours in pubs pouring my thoughts into my journal.

Once I am back, I will undoubtedly have some a series of more reflective posts. I left with big hopes for transformation. I wanted to be changed after a year of travel and my mind swirls with what that means.

Right now though, it’s hard to even wrap my head around the fact that I will be back home tomorrow night. Ah my bed, so soft and comfy. I haven’t slept in a familiar bed for nearly a year. It’s been a year since I woke to a fridge full of food and not a single plan for the day.

Sure, I will see all my friends. And my family will have questions, but I as of this moment there’s no hotel I need to book, city I need to research, or translation for, “hey, I am vegetarian” that I have to learn.

What will I do with all this time I’ll have on my hands?

Well, first I have to get there. I went cheap on the flight since it’s been a year and let’s be real, I am not as cash flush as I could be despite leaving with a good bit of travel savings (mostly because I had debt too, ya know—thank goodness I worked on the road this past year!).

So, I have two layovers in the US to get home to Florida. It’s not the quickest route home, but then, what about this trip has ever been about quick. At 11:11 pm, I will be giving my dad a great big hug and that’s going to feel great.

The blog will be back to it’s regularly scheduled programing soon, so expect more posts about Scotland this week!

Cheers blogosphere. :-)