Bean and pepper Mexican quesadilla recipe

A Little Recipe… Inspired by Mexico: Lunchtime Bean Quesadilla

The clichéd “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mantra popped into my head this week when I thought back on my months living in Mexico earlier this year. I have clocked one entire month living stateside—enough time to start the stir-crazy feelings as I dream of my cute little single-speed bicycle in San Pancho and …

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A Little Recipe… Inspired by Mexico: Simple Sweet Potato Tacos

Fusion foods are the new “it” thing in my life. A travel purist approach would be to make recipes of my favorite dishes from actually traveling in each place this last decade+ on the road. And sometimes that’s the case, but there are other times when the fusion of flavors I love from other places …

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A Little Recipe… How to Make a Perfect Guacamole with 1 Avocad

For the past four months, I have lived in San Pancho, Mexico in a studio apartment that with a stove-top, pots and pans, and a Mexican molcajete—which is not necessary but makes preparing the perfect guacamole a lot more fun. With a full kitchen here, I’m using local vegetables and spices to recreate my favorite …

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fresh beautiful taco

A Little Food … The Anatomy (and History) of a Delicious Taco

Living in Mexico these past months has meant a rekindled love affair with salsa, spicy food, and cheese. For all the reasons to love Southeast Asia, and there are many, while traveling the region I often missed the flavors and variety of cheeses I have long loved—travelers in Southeast Asia for any amount of time …

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yam kai dao recipe

A Little Recipe… Making Yum Kai Dao, a Thai Favorite

The sum of my past travel experiences infuse every aspect of my life, like the echoes of memories I have written about in the past, my food journey is ingrained in me now as well. Much of my traveling centered on Asia over the years, and my taste-buds craved the fusion of flavors, sour lime …

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