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Tips on Building Your Blog Community 

There is no single answer or tactic to guarantee success when building an online community around what you have created. Half of the time, I'm not even sure how the ALA community grew into what it is today. The tangible tools that I have shared elsewhere (theme, hosting, designers, etc) were the building blocks, not the hard work of building a thriving online community. So this page outlines attempts to sell you nothing, no courses or books, but it's simply the steps I took. It's advice on dealing with a crowded online environment, and — more than anything — support and ideas for building toward your version of success and community.

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How to Start Your Blog 

From idea to creation to execution, this page is uber-practical and shares everything you need to start your travel blog. If you're on the fence about whether you should start a blog to record your trip, or go with a few other options, I outline that entire decision process and then lead you through the steps of picking a name, setting up hosting, explaining why you should start a newsletter asap, and more. It's distilled down to the basic first steps you should take, with notes on common pitfalls other bloggers face in this process, and advice on getting launched and out there into the world.

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Advice for Bloggers & Freelancers

From how to get started in travel writing and photography to a realistic assessment of your chances of making money through your site, this page talks about the money side of working online and offers extensive tips and advice for those just getting started working for themselves.

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Resources for Building Online Businesses

This resources page is built with digital nomads, travel bloggers, and freelancers in mind. While one of my businesses is this travel blog, I have also freelanced and run an online SEO and marketing business since 2005. Most of that time was spent on the road juggling clients and commitments. This is a mind-dump and resource-dump of everything I have used for both my travel site, and my freelance work. 

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