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A Little Contemplation…Where Do I Go from Here?

“So, when do you head out again, where are you going next?”

And that is the ten million dollar question my friends.

And the truth?

I don’t know.

I have a conundrum. I’m living at my parents’ house right now as I readjust to the US and plot out my future travels and drag out the last of my Ireland posts for you. A month ago my plan was simple, come home, see family and friends, stay through Christmas and head out to South America in January.

And this is still, perhaps, the leading plan. Actually, I’m likely meeting up at Machu Picchu with a few fellow travelers I met on my trip all goes according to plan.

But I have this tiny confession to make…I think I want to go to Cuba next.

My dad’s best friend is a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico and he’s hoping to get approved for a permit to dock in Havana Harbor – and if he does get it, then I have a ride to Cuba! If he doesn’t, then I will be flying through Mexico to get to Cuba.

But the big fat reality check is the fact that it’s just a bit illegal for me to go there…and by “just a bit” I do mean it’s flat out against the law for me, as an American, to spend money in Cuba, though going there isn’t illegal per se…as long as I don’t spend money?!

Well, since my lovely US government continues to support the Cuban embargo that keeps gung-ho travelers like yours-truly from venturing to the shores of a country that lies just 90 miles off US soil…I’m at a loss.

And as my favorite Nepali phrase says, raamro chaina, or rather, not good.

Reading up about other Americans who have ventured to Cuba despite the embargo tells me it’s possible to fly to Mexico, pay a little bribe money to forgo the exit stamp, and be poking around La Habana in no time.

Now I just have to decide if it’s worth it. Because another issue is the fact that I would likely have to take aaaall of the money that I’d need with me (I want to stay for a least a month, so that’s a lot) because US bank and credit cards don’t work in Cuba.

And then, as if I weren’t already feeling a bit confused as to what I want to do, I’m also considering heading back to Cambodia to volunteer at Future Light Orphanage, I spent some time at earlier this year and had the most amazing, love-filled Valentines Day with the 200+ kids at the orphanage.

My truly crazy thought…can I do all three? Head to Cuba, stay for a month or so, then fly back to Mexico and make my way to South America to meet my friends. Come home for the summer before heading out to Southeast Asia. Sounds doable right? Perhaps if I were independently wealthy…which I’m not by the way!

I’m doing some brainstorming hereand would love to hear thoughts/experience/tips on Americans traveling to Cuba! Or just thoughts on where I should head next in general!!  :-)

Many thanks for photos on Flickr: Man smoking cigar photo thanks to alschim . Musicians in Havana taken by deVos