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A Little Video Memory … Turtles and Tranquility Underwater

Solitude. Tranquility. Utter peacefulness. That’s what it’s like underwater; you become a part of a world outside of human society—we can go down there for a visit, but it’s not ours.

I learned scuba diving the summer before leaving on my travels; my first stop was Australia and I was bound and determined to be comfortable underwater before hitting what I considered the mac-daddy of all sites, the Great Barrier Reef. Fast-forward a couple of years and Honduras’ reefs beckoned, as did my Advanced Divers training; the funny thing about diving for me is that I don’t actually like being on the water.

I love being in the water, but put me on a boat cruising across the water and I can be found standing very close to the rail, fighting serious motion sickness.

It’s all worth it though once I shimmy into my wet-suit, shoulder my tank and regulator, and slip into the ocean.

The video is quite long, the dive-master on my dive off the shores of Utila, Honduras took the video and caught some beautiful shots of a turtle in the first minute or so (turtle-action at 1.15  minutes and go full screen for the full HD experience). I heart turtles massively. Like seriously love meeting a turtle on a dive. I think it’s because they bridge the gap so beautifully between underwater and surface life. You can catch a peep of them sipping air at the water’s surface, but the graceful swimming underwater -that’s what I really love.

Diving gives peeps and glances into underwater secrets we are rarely privy to seeing! :)

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