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A Little Travel Memory … That Tree Has Something to Say

Walking the wooden boardwalks around Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia I looked up and saw this dead tree with a very clear thought bubble  painted across the sky by mother nature; like something out of a comic book.

What would a tree say? Even more pointedly, what would a dead tree say on a beautifully sunny day with a bright blue sky like that as a backdrop for the conversation?

This is a question that my bestie Jenn and I chatted about for several minutes from the wooden boardwalk snaking through the pretty waters of Plitvice. Travel has made me more observant that I ever was before I left—I find myself really looking at each new place and experience for the elements and parts that make the experience a whole.

Which is the reason I noticed this tree in the first place. My friend Jenn and I both had our cameras with fully charged batteries and empty memory cards and we tasked ourselves with taking heaps of time on our walk through the National Park to photograph the nature and the creatures we found along the way. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by too much sightseeing on my travels, so tasking myself with new assignments provides myself with an interesting way to engage with a new place.

And sometimes you get moments like this, my best friend Jenn and I staring at a tree and wondering what that tree has seen over the years.

So, what would this tree say? Any ideas? :)

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