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A Little Podcast … Stories of Traveling Through Guatemala

Traveling through Guatemala was an unexpected pleasure; I traveled to Central America with the vague idea I would travel south from Mexico and stop in every country for a few weeks,a month if I loved a place. And then I crossed the border into Guatemala and instantly fell a bit in love. Over the succeeding three months, I would travel through major touristy spots like Tikal, Pacaya, and Lake Atitlán, Antigua, and into Western Highlands to study Spanish at a language school in Xela, or float on a boat down the Rio Dulce. I loved the cadence of life in Guatemala, the openness the people, and the colorful Guatemalan textiles—people walking around with a riot of colors on their woven shirts and skirts.

I love the layers in this photo; warm light as the sun sets, a modern radio antenna and bright yellow church among the ruins and dilapidated buildings.

This month, the Amateur Traveler Podcast invited me onto the show to talk about all the things I love and recommend for short (think one- or two-week) vacations to Guatemala. We cover language schools, volunteering, traveling on and off the conventional route through Guate, and some anecdotes and fun in between. Chris, the host of the podcast, linked to tips and interest points we talk about on his site if your planning travels, and in the slideshow below the podcast link, I created a slideshow of my favorite photos from the trip—please peruse and enjoy as you listen. If you’re reading this in an email, you may have to click through to the site to listen and view! :)

Amateur Traveler Podcast:


Enjoy these photo highlights from Guatemala:

Cheers and many thanks!


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