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A Little Confession…When Travel Fatigue Sets In

Have you ever had those trips where you just feel like perhaps the planets weren’t aligned for you to be traveling right now? Everything is going minorly wrong, and it’s all adding up to be a bit exhausting?

I really hope that I am not alone, because this trip to Central America has been hard, like really hard. And it’s not any one thing that I can put a finger on because I still am really enjoying the countries I’m visiting and many of the unique experiences. I’ve even slowed down a lot and just planted myself in Guatemala to see if that would help with the travel fatigue (and because I really like Guatemala!).

But a few minor difficulties and a few not so minor make me just a little weary right now. I am incredibly grateful that I get to travel, that is not the issue here; it’s more that the whole experience is a lot harder work recently then it has been in the past. Two weeks ago my debit card was cloned, money was stolen, fiasco to get a new one through the Guatemalan post and to my doorstep. This in and of itself, not such a big deal – it happens right?

This incident, though, points to some wider over-arcing issues that have cropped up in the past three months – lots of illnesses this trip, some big family problems cropped up back home, and it seems like more general difficulties here. Are there more difficulties than on my RTW, or am I just tired? That’s what I keep pondering.

I’m a big fan of a phrase that my favorite PR professor used to say “perception is reality, facts notwithstanding.” I truly believe that we just have to alter our perception of a situation to see other alternatives, a different perception leads to a different reality. So that’s where I am at right now. Accept, acknowledge, and consider – I’m trying to reframe my perspective and perception of all of this.

Well, I’ve got one month left, and then it’s home to the States for a wedding. I feel like maybe once I go back stateside I can reset the clock – start fresh next time I head out. Also thinking the solution might be to expat myself somewhere for six months or a year (Thailand?), to have a homebase and explore more from there.

Any thoughts? Do you even know what I’m talking about?!

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