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A Little Travel…Dreams and Plans for the New Year

Recap fever has hit the travel and everyone is reflecting over the past year and looking forward. I really won’t recap too much because I just outlined my full RTW travel route (1) last week for you (route (2) and route (3)); those posts serve nicely as a highlight of my past year.

But this looking forward thing, now that I can get behind!

Having some fun in Chinatown in Los Angeles

I’ve been holding out on you guys for the past week because my travel dates aren’t solid. But, well, the time has come: I am heading back on the road at the end of this month. I’m still holding out for a few more days on the precise details but let’s look at what this coming year will hold:

My 2010 Travel Plans and Dreams

  • Travel south from Mexico down through Central America hitting every country I can safely navigate as a solo woman. While I traditionally don’t worry overly much about solo travel, I can honestly say that Central America has me a bit nervous…is that unfounded guys?! I just feel like it’s a different ball game down there right now than, say, solo travel in SEA…
  • Meet a handful of fellow travelers and friends in Peru in late May to hike Machu Picchu.
  • Head to the Napa wine country in Northern California for my best friend’s June wedding before hitting up Travel Blog Exchange conference in NYC.
  • Backpack through Southeast Asia once again by fall for an undetermined length of time and no set plans.

A buddha with stickyrice in Laos

Where is the Blog Heading?

  • I’ll still fully share travel stories, videos, and advice throughout the year, so stick around…and even subscribe to my RSS feed so you don’t miss a single post (shameless plug, I know).
  • Anticipate even more servicey posts aimed at helping other travelers prep for their trip – think reviews and guest bloggers sharing trips for eco-friendly travel and volunteering opportunities.

I am really excited for what this new year is going to hold – A Little Adrift has taken on a life of it’s own over the past year and I couldn’t do it without the support of the travel community and friends who contribute to the site, leave feedback and comments, and just generally make this blogging experience a whole lot more fun, so a very real and sincere thanks  :-)

Cheers and Happy New Year guys!

And just to share the love, if you’re looking for some great posts over the past year from all over the travel community, check out Anil’s collection of the top travel posts of 2009 and Andy’s top inspirational travel stories for a bit of motivation in planning your own travels this year.

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