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A Little Travel Memory … My Big Bosnian Coffee Blunder

I winced as I took my first sip of the jet-black Bosnian coffee—it was certainly not your average American brew! My couchsurfing hosts in Sarajevo, Furkan and his roommates Anida and Sidak, decided that I couldn’t leave Sarajevo without stopping in the Turkish quarter for a traditional Bosnian coffee complete with Turkish Delight. They were wonderful hosts and took me throughout the city in search of vegetarian food, they pointed out the points of interest and the highlights of the small and cute city, but I think it was the traditional setting of coffee that excited Sidak most in showing us around.

A traditional set-up of Turksih coffee with sweets (Turkish Delight) and sugar cubes to cut the acidic and strongly brewed coffee we were served in the Old Town section of Sarajevo.

After that first wince from the thick unsweetened coffee, Sidak got a kick out of watching me attempt to sip the battery acid…I mean coffee, from a delicate little cup and then through a sugar cube I was biting between my teeth (a traditional way to drink it); after dribbling more than a bit down my chin Sidak gave me a reprieve and suggested I bite a bit off and let it melt in my mouth as I sip the coffee – much easier and less stressful to boot!

Quick Travel Tips for Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sightseeing Sarajevo: The cobble-stoned streets of the Turkish area are a delightful a maze of small shops and fun knick-knacks – full of tiny coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall food vendors.
Hiking: Ask locals for a path and head to the hills surrounding the outside of the city.
Foods: The Burek – cheese, meat, or spinach and served with a tart plain yogurt – perfect for lunch!

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