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A Little Tour…Walking Tips for England's Lake District

To finish up this series on the Lake District let’s go on a little tour of the region. The series this past week covered a few touristy things I did in the region – but there is just so much more to see if you can stay for more than three days!

I met some amazingly cool people at the hostel because all of the backpackers were similarly minded – this is not precisely the place to come for a good party but more so walking, hiking, and boating; we instead ended our hard days of walking with hot cups of tea and a fierce games of Cluedo.

One of my favorite things about hiking in general is the fact that it weeds out some of the “less desirables.” Everyone is friendly, they say hi, and the trails are filled with people who appreciate health and exercise and fresh air.

Hiking is one of the ways that I survived LA for two years – it got me out of the city and showed me that there were actually others who needed a break from the microcosm of city-ness and just general LA-ness.

The Lake District, despite being insanely touristy (annoyingly so at times) is fantastic because you can actually get away from the tourists and day trippers and really use some of the smaller towns as a base for great nature exploring  :-) The tourist information center was incredibly helpful in outlining a route that is a bit more off the traditional beat – and the have strenuous hikes that surely weed out those just there for a day or two! And Lonely Planet has a walking guide of the region that others at the hostel were using -that’s crazy-helpful too.

Tips and stories from the Lake District in England

Playing in Sheep Pastures – Hiking and walks around Windermere

Cruising the Lake District – Boating on Lake Windermere

Waterfall at Ambleside – A gentle walk to the quaint Ambleside waterfall

…and more photos from the Lake District region

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