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A Little Advice… Travel Around the World Without Flying (One)

Our guest traveler for the next three weeks gets mad props from me for making the commitment to travel around the world without taking a single flight. Michael, from the Go See Write Travel Blog, has traveled around the world over the past year without a single plane ride. I really respect his commitment to feel […]

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A Little Tour…It's Raining on Uluru

We’re flashing back to Australia today – to Uluru most specifically. Fret not my friends, the stories of Ireland are not over, but there were a handful of neat experiences in Australia that I never got a chance to cover. I’ll preface this entire post by saying that although I was on an organized tour […]

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A Little Difficulty…Driving on the Other Side is Hard!

“Umm, did you hear that sound?” I oh, so casually ask Laura as we drive out of minuscule town of Doolin, on our way to the Cliffs of Moher. Laura, partially deaf in one ear bless her heart, gives a definitive shake of her head and then re-launches into her story as I can’t shake […]

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A Little Advice… 5 Tips to Plan a UK Backpacking Trip

The kids are out of school, many businesses in Europe are closed, flights are packed in elbow-to-elbow. Ah, it must be August. I arrived in the United Kingdom in the late summer, and this is a rough time of year. Although it’s a beautiful time to visit, it’s also stressful for budget backpacking. Because my […]

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A Little Inevitability…It's Raining, it's Pouring

The weather in England and Scotland was incredible for the week I traveled in the region…seriously sunny. Now, it was also cold, and that made for an un-happy Shannon, but very little rain to be seen. It was lulling me into complacency. Taking public transportation in rainy countries sucks. Now, I am not going to […]

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Holi in India with Neil and Jordi

A Little Wander…Mind the Gap

Are there any three words that are more indicative of London than the phrase “mind the gap?” Surely you could name drop the major sites, Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, but for anyone who’s actually been to London the incessant chant of “mind the gap” from the anonymous overhead voice should bring you […]

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