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Hairy Highland Cow- Photo by Flickr user: Tambako

A Little Imagination…Exploring Isle of Skye Through the Tain

The scent of Scotland changes as the damp rains roll in; throughout the small city of Portree the earthy smell of grass and the fresh scent of wet flowers begin to dominate the air and override the ostensibly more powerful scent of deep-frying fish and chips; instead the collage of smells mingle together in the […]

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A Little Inevitability…It's Raining, it's Pouring

The weather in England and Scotland was incredible for the week I traveled in the region…seriously sunny. Now, it was also cold, and that made for an un-happy Shannon, but very little rain to be seen. It was lulling me into complacency. Taking public transportation in rainy countries sucks. Now, I am not going to […]

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A Little Movie History…They Can’t Take Our FREEDOM!

I really love great movie moments. Even the endlessly quotable cheesy ones have a special place in my everyday lingo and I use them indiscriminately and often. So as I arrived in Stirling, Scotland for the weekend it was all I could do to tone back the Mel Gibson impressions from Braveheart…after all, I do […]

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