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Helpful advice and tips on how to vote while traveling. A Must read for all traveling Americans!

A Little Politics… How Do You Vote While Traveling?

When I decided to travel, I booked my flights on election day (whoops!). So, given that Florida has a week of early voting, I was luckily able to cast my vote at the polling place before I left. Voting early allowed me to avoid the hassle of voting from abroad. I proudly wore my “I voted” sticker all […]

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A Little Review… Is Dinosaur World in Tampa Worth a Visit?

I am a born and raised Floridian, and I’ve seen a whole lot of theme parks in my day. The only one in the state that I haven’t visited is surprisingly close to my hometown of Clearwater. Dinosaur World is located near Tampa, Florida, and some have called it a “slice of roadside Americana.” That is […]

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CCR concert with PSP

A Little Farewell… Saying The First of Many Goodbyes

As my departure date creeps nearer, I have begun the teary goodbyes and last-minute visits to friends and family.  As November 4th neared, those friends with whom I touch base about once started emailing me en masse. That’s where I am right now. I spent this past weekend up in Orlando visiting with college friends […]

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lonely planet and backpack

A Little Planning… Learning a Frustrating Lesson

I have diligently planned out my trip over the past two weeks. After all of the focus on the two weddings I was in, this month has been all about getting things lined up and in order. I knew I needed to fine-tune the details of my RTW trip. But now I’m a little defeated […]

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sunset angkor wat

A Little Confession… Navigating a Pre-Trip Freak Out

In these early months of starting this blog, it’s been a struggle to decide how I want to share the process of planning for this round the world trip. Where is the line between sharing the journey and going too far into the personal? There are few others who have shared a trip like this […]

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Declutter and Purge Before You Travel

A Little Advice… Embrace Purging & Right-Size your Belongings

Many things related to planning this round the world trip have surprised me. Some overwhelmed me. And some I even came to enjoy. One of those surprisingly enjoyable activities? Purging my belongings. (What does this say about what it takes to amuse me?!) What can I say, it turns out that I like sorting, organizing, and […]

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