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A Little Confession… Yes, Sometimes Travel is Lonely

Alone is a beautiful thing; it’s when I process my thoughts, absorb new travel experiences, find unexpected friendships, and detox from being “on” with other people. Lonely is not so beautiful a thing, though if I’m honest, the lonely, soul-searching lessons I learned over the past four and a half years were as instructive as any. […]

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A Little Oops…My Top Six “Oh, Crap” Travel Moments

Countries are built to make their own citizens more comfortable – there’s a quote somewhere out there about that and it so clearly rings true over and over again whether I’m home or on the road. One of the common refrains from foreign backpackers I meet is a critical eye toward the huge food portion […]

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A Little Issue…Am I Allergic to Belize?

You know how that phrase “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry?” Yeah, that about sums up most of my time in Belize and my major plans for the country. I have read absolutely fabulous things about the diving in Belize. The Blue Hole has been on my bucket list for […]

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Jumping off Boat in the Whitsunday Islands Australia

A Little Review… Should You Buy World Nomads Travel Insurance

My initial plan was to review many different travel insurance options on the market for backpackers and world travelers, giving a broad overview. I did the research—it took ages. And instead of many, here’s a concise look at the two travel insurance companies that will work for almost any type of trip. My overall conclusion […]

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