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Exploring Melbourne, Australia

A Little City… Exploring Trendy, Alternative, Melbourne

If Australia’s primary cities were siblings, then Melbourne is the country’s “red-headed stepchild.” The town is unapologetically alternative and has a unique vibe unlike anything else I’ve yet encountered. While Sydney relies on beauty and cleanliness to stay a favorite, my first impressions indicate that Melbourne is an “anything-goes” type of city. I am still traveling with new […]

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kangaroo australia batemans bay

A Little Adventure… Hiking to Find Kangaroos in Bateman’s Bay!

After nearly three weeks traveling Australia, I was disappointed that I had not yet seen any kangaroos or koalas in their natural habitat. I’m pretty sure that somewhere — guidebook, tourist poster —  I was promised a land overflowing with them both. Right? Well, the reality is that even these smaller towns along the South Coast […]

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visting kiama blowhole

A Little Charm… Visiting the Kiama Blowhole, Australia

I left the beaches of Wollongong and I felt a creeping bit of weariness. From Wollongong, I decided to pop into the small town of Kiama. Kiama is just a bit further down Australia’s South Coast, and it’s tiny. In fact, I didn’t anticipate that the coastal towns of New South Wales are quite so remote and lightly developed. […]

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