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A Little Celebration… A Little Adrift’s State of the Blog Address!

Two years ago today I posted one of the first posts here on A Little Adrift: A Little Inspiriation…My Ah-Hah Moment. It took every ounce of willpower in my being to link to that post without editing and changing it first (ok, I admit that I edited out a part that sounded incredibly snotty and hoity-toity in retrospect), but the rest is the same.

The site was a newbie back then and marked my first entry into the world of blogging; I had no clue what I was doing! There were no photos on the post and my brain was scattered because it was just 36 days before I left on my RTW backpacking trip…and at that time there were still only a handful of other travel blogs offering up tips (Uncornered Market and The Lost Girls are two I used that are still active now).

It was ugly back then too!

My very first (obviously) self designed header

But in the past two years this whole travel blogging “thing” has transformed into more than I ever expected. I found a community along the way and a better purpose to the posts. Just my dad and a few Florida friends followed the journey in the early days through Australia and now I am continually wowed that other people care enough to comment, tweet, stumble, email, and read along.

Day One of my RTW Trip: Sydney's Circular Quay

A humble thanks friends :-)

I truly appreciate your support.

So I pondered hard – what type of post is in order as I round the corner on my terrible twos? And concluded a “State of the Blog” address! Then I mentioned it to Jodi and realized she already did this same concept for her trip’s two year anniversary too (likely my subconscious inspiration); I liked her format and re-did my suckier structure but must give credit to her cleverness – hugs of thanks.

A Little Adrift’s State of the Blog Address


I’m in the US right now and will be for the next couple of months at least – quite the change from Bali, where I had planned to live this fall! I’m spending my days in constant transit so my home is the buses, trains, planes and cars that take me on the Geeks Without Bounds hacker and maker space US tour. In between, I’m free-loading back in Florida…I’m just not ready to commit to an apartment in the states.


The job front goes well enough for me; internet work is steady but often boring…I’m in a transition phase in my life right now and that includes my work. This post-travel travel transition has me really confused and I’m working with GWOBorg throughout the fall…there are opportunities abounding but I’m floundering in a post-travel transition confusion.


Random illnesses and injuries in the past eight months have passed and I’m healthier than I have been in ages!

Agriculture and Food:

I dabbled in the world of fish earlier in the month – still fully vegetarian though. The fish phase lasted just one night. I desperately miss Asia for its constant access to affordable and plentiful fruit. Bali is a haven for the vegetarian and I ate so well there – tempeh and tofu are local foods, not just there for the tourists.

Nasi Campur - Traditional Balinese food


The travel community is larger than I ever could have imagined two years ago and I am amazed by how much it is a part of my life right now. TBEX in June connected a lot of the dots and I was able to put in-person personalities to the names – a lot more fun than just guessing based on 140-character tweets! A Little Adrift is on Facebook and the community and interactions are growing there in addition to the blog – I love that people who might never comment on the site are using Facebook to chat and make our community just that much more connected.

Domestic Affairs:

Personal: Once I got back from my “official RTW” (that ended last September) my life sort of lost direction a little – that fact was reflected in the blog. I was working on some internet projects through the winter with Andy and the blog chugged along until I made it to Central America.

I thought everything personally, travely and bloggy would just slip back into place once I was back on the road again but that didn’t happen thanks to a series of family issues throughout the spring and summer, health problems and well, life. It seemed like I was paying off a massive karmic debt to the universe for about eight months there and it made me constantly on edge and wondering what crap was going to rain down on me next and from what direction.

Now, a lot of that…angst?!…has passed (thankfully!), but there’s still this pressing question…“ok, now what?” I’ve been pouring my heart out to Jodi (Legal Nomads) this past week in NYC since she’s facing some similar transition questions.

We didn’t figured out any answers but it’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of since she’s in the same boat: post-travel but still not ready to stop traveling. It’s funny, sometimes I feel like my name choice for the site is a blessing and a curse – love the whimsy of the name but it’s unsettling to always be so intangibly adrift!

Blog: I have some goals for the site right now, things it’s lacking at the moment and room for improvements!

The concrete plans:

  • Take better photos. I bought a new camera (Lumix GF1) and have no clue how to use it but I feel like this is an area where there’s a decent room for improvement on the site, so I’ll learn! (And my Orlando friend Abe is coming to the rescue and teaching me some tips for the awesome price of a lunch and a beer!).
  • Don’t post crap. So many other blogs are able to pump out a lot of great weekly content and I get behind on that, get depressed and post thus sporadically…or shove a post up just for the sake of new content. Now I’ve got an editorial calendar (again) and I can make no promises for what you think is crap, but whatever I post I’ll make sure I don’t think is crap. :-)
  • Stick with personal. My inbox has been flooded with advertising inquiries and sponsored guest post offers. And there’s been a raging debate in my head for months about how to handle it. I decided that it makes more sense, with my site’s goals in mind, to stick with personal posts and affiliate content I personally use and recommend. Guest posts from other bloggers, like real people, is still quite welcome!

Foreign Affairs:

I have no earthly idea when I’ll leave again or where – new ideas crop up almost daily now. I’m not done with the traveling but I am done with the constant movement stage of my travels. I see myself settling down within a year somewhere in the world…maybe. There was a thought of heading back to SEA for the holidays. Now perhaps Syria (so random…ask Earl). Pondering India. Also promised Japan in the Spring to Florida friends.

So. Many. Choices.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the blog; anything you’d like to see improved in the coming year?! Please share candidly and honestly! And again, truly thanks so much for all of your support :-)

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