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A Little Travel Memory … Sweating the Insignificant Details Sucks

These young Guatemalan children paddling around the lily pads on the Rio Dulce (Sweet River, in Spanish) came at a perfect time on my four hour boat ride down the Rio Dulce.

The thing is, I was so frustrated just minutes before I spotted them paddling amongst the lily pads down a side snake of water off the main river. Our guide was being tight lipped about why our boat was stopping every 20 minutes down to a putter, but I had a sneaking suspicion the boat was broken.

Children paddling and playing on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala

And yet he wouldn’t tell us why; he just pretended it was natural for the engine to sputter down to an overheated, albeit temporary, death every 20 minutes. He’d take that time to point out local birds, a white heron gliding over the water and landing in nearby brush.

But I wasn’t seeing any of that; instead I was agitated and wondering how long it was actually going to take to reach Livingston.

Then I spotted these children.

At peace in their surroundings and lost in the moment of their own games; their boats sliced through the blossoming lily pads and their giggle floated over the rippling water.

And I realized I was missing the point of the Rio Dulce if I spent the entire boat ride up the river caught up in my pending destination.

I look at this photo and remember that I still find myself sweating the little details occasionally, ones I have absolute no control to affect. Though for today: take one opportunity to forgive yourself and just let it go, whatever it is, and enjoy your today! :)

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