Last updated on May 20, 2023

A Little Adrift used to directly chronicle my round the world travels. Now, however, after more than 15 years of travel, I present stories, musings, and insights non-linearly. This makes it hard to know where I am and what I’m working on right now!

This is the state of things as of May 2023.

Location & Travel Plans

I live in Barcelona, Spain! I moved here in 2018 and just last month I secured my permanent residency visa. So, I’m here for a long while—in Spain, at least. I’ve been thinking of moving south next year. Barcelona is my homebase, but I still wander the world, just with a place to rest my head in between adventures. More on why I chose Barcelona here.

My last few years looked like much of the rest of the world’s travel plans: a lot of time at home. But I had a kid in 2021. He’s a cutie and has already explored eight countries at just a year-and-a-half.

Projects and Passions

I doubled down on my remote SEO work when I moved to Spain. These past five years were productive on the professional front—even though that meant less updates on A Little Adrift. But I quit SEO work in early 2023 so that I could refocus on the blog and free up time for my young son. It’s been a refreshing change of pace and I don’t miss SEO consulting one bit.

Although I have not published new blogs in the past few years, I constantly update the website’s useful content. Here are a few of the new things:

  • Country guides. Every time I travel, I round-up my tips and resources, now they’re getting formally laid out and easy to browse. You guys asked for more of these, and they’re popular on the site, so I continue expanding this section. The first dozen are up now; I’d be chuffed if you check them out.
  • Practical travel resources: After 15 years traveling the world and living abroad, I’ve learned a lot about both short- and long-term travel. I am massively blowing out A Little Adrift’s static travel resources to help other travelers pick the right gear, routes, and more. Things like why I love packing cubes, and how to pick the right backpack for world travel.

Need to Get in Touch?

Right now, I’m focusing all my of attention on these projects and will say no to other projects. If you’d like to connect on one of these things, read my contact page or join me on social media:

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