A Little Travel Memory… Sampling California’s Saltwater Taffy

Last updated on November 17, 2021

I’m a chocoholic. That is a fact of life I have come to accept; if there is any choice between cake, hard-candies, or really any sweet and chocolate—chocolate wins by a landslide. Now, in all that lead-up, I have to admit that I betrayed my love-affair with chocolate for the saltwater taffy of Northern California while I was in the Sacramento area visiting a friend from my LA days. She took me to a candy-shop filled with barrels of flavors was too tempting and I felt like I had traveled back in time to the 50s. The only thing that would have made the picture more complete would have been a counter serving shakes in the corner and a guy in a pinstripe hat.

California Saltwater Taffy

So I caved. Of course I caved, do you see those barrels of sweets?!

Even beyond the sweets though, this tiny shop in Old Town Sacramento offered up dozens and dozens of sweet, sour, and decidedly spicy taffies and the ambiance of it was as charming as any.  This photo sets my taste-buds watering in memory of the freshly made dark pink cinnamon flavored taffies, so creamy … taffy is pretty much a must for any trip to San Francisco.

Though I do not travel much in the United States anymore, we do have our charming areas and our slices of life that are worth indulging in. I especially loved that I could try on my travel habits after having been on the road for a couple years now—it changes the way I approach even traveling in a city or state I know pretty well. :)

8 thoughts on “A Little Travel Memory… Sampling California’s Saltwater Taffy”

  1. Oooh, saltwater taffy always reminds me of Monterey, CA. Whenever we'd go down there when I was a kid, I'd totally stock up – sooo yummy!

  2. Ooh, a guy I used to work with brought a bunch of Saltwater Taffy back from San Fransisco and like you, I love chocolate, but the Saltwater taffy was awesome.

    • Glad to hear that you've tried it! It's just one of those things that is
      *unmissable* if you visit San Francisco :-)

  3. OMG I'm from Sacramento, and I absolutely LOVE the saltwater taffy shops in Old Town. This is like beyond exciting to me that anyone even cares about anything from Northern California, that isn't Napa or San Francisco. Although this is totally making me miss home :)

    • Sorry to make you nostalgic! lol. Northern Cali is one of my favorite areas
      and Sac rates right up there as a very liveable and “familable” place – and
      the presense of taffy doesn't hurt!

    • How have you lived this long without any?! If I can finagle it while I'm up
      here (in Northern Cali right now for a wedding!) then I will bring some to
      TBEX – no promises but you have not lived life until you've tried
      some…favorite flavor?


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