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A Little Girl … Shy Peace Signs in Balinese Market

This sweet little girl hid behind her mother for the full ten minutes that I was chatting away and purchasing my bright red shoulder bag at the market in Ubud, Bali. Her little brother hammed it up for the camera with barely recognizable peace signs and grins, but this little girl flatly refused all of the prompting from her mother to join the photo session.

Shy smiles and a peace sign from a little girl at the market in Ubud, Bali.

The mom was delighted to see the photos  of her son on my camera’s display and she actually vogued for me herself! No joke, she started displaying her purses and striking model-y poses for me as we chatted more.

I think it was the delighted laughter that did it for the little girl, that showed it was more than a photo but a chance to be in on the joke because we had spent ten minutes enjoying and being a little silly. Just as I was about to walk away and all of us were grinning because of our ridiculous poses (mom and baby and even me!) this little girl felt the opportunity passing her by and flashed me just the briefest opening—a shy grin through a cheek full of candy and the tenuous offering of a cautious peace sign.

I lifted my camera to ask her if she wanted her picture taken too, and the smallest of nods and the sustained pose told me she wanted, even if in a small way, to be a part of the moment.

And so she was—I love looking at her bright red dress and remembering how much fun I had that afternoon at the market.

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