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A Little Challenge…What Do You Love in New York City?

I’m heading to New York City at the end of the month and I’m actually probably as thrilled to head to NYC as I am to the more exotic locales in Central America that I’ll visit in February.

I’ve been to NYC a grand total of once – for the three days surrounding my 18th birthday. And while I jam-packed in a Broadway show and a handful of the most popular sites…I’ve never really seen the city.

Which begs the question:

What’s your favorite place in New York City?

I’ll be staying with a friend for the week and he will certainly show me his favorite haunts. And yes, I realize there are hundreds of NYC-musts lists, but I’d really like to know your favorite spots.

Oh! And to make this more challenging, you only get one answer per question!

So, what’s your favorite:

  1. Ethnic/vegetarian restaurant (I’ve been craving great Indian in particular!)
  2. Spot to relax (be specific so I can find it!)
  3. Place for nightlife (pubs, clubs, and bars – I like a variety)
  4. Traditional “must” visit place
  5. Hidden gem (the secret spot you take all your visitors when they come visit!)

Leave your feedback and tips in the comments below and I’ll collect up the recommendations over the next couple of weeks, try them out once I get to NYC, and let you know how I fair!

Photo thanks: hajime7

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