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A Little Travel Memory … Unique Take-Out Containers in India

Asking for a to-go container in India yields some pretty interesting results… and to be honest this may have been the only time I asked so I’m not sure what I would have gotten elsewhere. You see, a lovely little Tibetan restaurant in McLeod Ganj had amazing momos. I don’t jest; these were some of the tastiest momos my cousin and I had found (and I made a job out of sampling different momos at each new restaurant). I was flummoxed though when faced with what to do at the end of my meal because in the true nature of eating out in India, my need to sample yielded more food than I could possibly eat in one sitting.

But as we got ready to leave, the vegetarian momos looked so lonesome and wasteful sitting on the table and I couldn’t bear to leave the last six on the plate.

So I asked for a way to wrap ’em up and take ’em home as a snack later.

A unique version of take-out in India (and note, my skin is still pink from celebrating Holi the week before).

I applaud their creativity and ability to reuse just about anything. And I’m a huge fan of recycling so I won’t fault them on intent. That being said, this is a dog food container holding human food in a country that is, like me, mostly vegetarian.

So here’s a question do you think I ate them and would you have?!

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