Spud the Piper 2009

A Little Anecdote… Meeting Spud the Scottish Bagpiper

The faint lilt of a bagpipe rode the gentle breeze as I wandered to the main street of Fort Augustus. The town is small—tiny actually—and most of the action takes place along the Caledonian Canal, which feeds into Loch Ness. This is a busy passageway through the area since the canal connects several of the …

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A Little Exploration… Discovering the Isle of Skye in the Rain

The scent of Scotland changes as damp rains roll across the land. Throughout the small city of Portree, located on the Isle of Skye, the earthy smell of grass and the fresh scent of wet flowers dominates the air, overriding the powerful scent of deep-frying fish and chips. When the rains come, the town becomes …

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A Little History… Discovering the Charms of Stirling, Scotland

Backpacking solo through England and Scotland these past weeks has been a revelation. Although I have loved so much of my time this past year on the road, the pace of my travels really changed once I started traveling through the UK. I wandered through the Lake District and reveled in seeing the scenery that …

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