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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

A Little Theatre… Rocking Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Exiting the bus station in Edinburgh, Scotland, the distant sounds of street music and cheering crowds lured me down Princes Street. Traffic bustled past me on the street, whizzing cars causing a passing breeze, and pedestrians vied for space on the sidewalk, eying me with caution since I had to backpacks strapped to my person. […]

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Spud the Piper 2009

A Little Anecdote… Meeting Spud the Scottish Bagpiper

The faint lilt of a bagpipe rode the gentle breeze as I wandered to the main street of Fort Augustus. The town is small—tiny actually—and most of the action takes place along the Caledonian Canal, which feeds into Loch Ness. This is a busy passageway through the area since the canal connects several of the […]

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