Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland

A Little Memory… I Planned Travels to Attend the Fringe Festival

I was meandering through my Facebook page yesterday in the mindless manner I somehow instinctively revert to when I need to get work done but secretly welcome distraction. So yeah, I was doing that when I noticed this message on my sidebar: On this day in 2009, your status update was: Yay! Heading to the Fringe Festival today …

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Hiking the Old Man of Storr in Scotland

A Little Mistiness… How to Hike the Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye

Weak sunlight peeped from behind the smoke-gray clouds and I surmised that today, like everyday for the past four days, was another classic Scottish day—damp and cold. Although I had hoped for perfect Scottish weather when I tackled one of the most famous hikes on the Trotternish Peninsula, the northeast area of the Isle of Skye, …

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Edinburgh Fringe

A Little Entertainment… My Favorite Shows at Fringe Festival 2009

I first met Andy by reading his travel blog. Then we started chatting more on Twitter, so naturally I thought to connect when I passed through his city. I was in Edinburgh for the annual Fringe Festival, a huge highlight on my RTW itinerary, so I sent him an email asking for Fringe show recommendations, and warning …

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

A Little Theatre… Rocking Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Exiting the bus station in Edinburgh, Scotland, the distant sounds of street music and cheering crowds lured me down Princes Street. Traffic bustled past me on the street, whizzing cars causing a passing breeze, and pedestrians vied for space on the sidewalk, eying me with caution since I had to backpacks strapped to my person. …

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