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A Little Advice… 5 Tips to Plan a UK Backpacking Trip

The kids are out of school, many businesses in Europe are closed, flights are packed in elbow-to-elbow. Ah, it must be August. I arrived in the United Kingdom in the late summer, and this is a rough time of year. Although it’s a beautiful time to visit, it’s also stressful for budget backpacking. Because my […]

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A Little Waterfall…Quaint Charms of England

The Lake District in England is the perfect place for “just a bit of a wander” as all of the hostel owners and locals have called it. This quaint phrase is just one more example of the differences between the US and England…and I have to say, framing a walk with the idea of “having […]

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A Little Green…Playing in Sheep Pastures

The green sheep pastures of the Lake District in England were so stunning that they actually caused me to go into spontaneous dances of joy. I mean, if you know that you’re completely and truly alone with only a sheep as witness is there really anything else you could do? I reckon not. I made […]

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A Little Water…Cruising the Lake District

The sparkling lakes glistened with the setting sun as my train sped through the Lake District National Park in England; I couldn’t help but admire the spectacularly green rolling hills dotted with small white sheep that were in turn spotted with a dot of blue or red color to mark their owner. After the hustle […]

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Holi in India with Neil and Jordi

A Little Wander…Mind the Gap

Are there any three words that are more indicative of London than the phrase “mind the gap?” Surely you could name drop the major sites, Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, but for anyone who’s actually been to London the incessant chant of “mind the gap” from the anonymous overhead voice should bring you […]

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