A Little Search… The Whimsy and Beauty of Degas

Nearing exhaustion and having already wandered about the Metropolitan Museum of Art for hours, I finally spotted a lone Degas painting on the wall—one of his classic ballerina studies. Like a dog onto the scent I darted a quick look around the room, scanning the paintings and then moving my eyes to the small white …

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A Little Challenge… What Do You Love in New York City?

I’m heading to New York City at the end of the month and I’m actually probably as thrilled to head to NYC as I am to the more exotic locales in Central America that I’ll visit in February. I’ve been to NYC a grand total of once – for the three days surrounding my 18th …

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A Little Review… Is Dinosaur World in Tampa, Florida Worth a Visit?

As a born and raised Floridian, I’ve visited a whole lot of theme parks in my day. The only one in the entire state that I hadn’t by the time I reached adulthood was surprisingly close to my hometown of Clearwater: Dinosaur World. This theme park actually has a few locations across the south, and until …

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