A Little Purpose… Nature of Communities Around the World

My recent whirlwind tour of the US with my job at Geeks Without Bounds gave me pause recently when I thought about all I have learned in the past six weeks. I marvel at the fact that I had never even heard of hacker and maker spaces less than six weeks ago and now I …

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Bronze Chariot at The Met, NYC

A Little Travel Memory … They Got to Ride Around in That?!

I beg you to look at this ancient bronze parade chariot from the 6th century BC and not be wowed; it’s inlaid with ivory and stands as one of the coolest things I saw at The Met in New York City. Museums are one of those things that can be really hit or miss…and it’s …

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A Little Tourist… Home Through the Eyes of a Traveler

I didn’t know that the Hollywood Walk of Fame concept extended to Rock Walk of Fame at the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard. Right there in front of the doors to the Guitar Center are the handprints of rock legends, icons of the music industry who left an imprint on the world with their music …

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A Little Community…Travel and Blogging Collide in NYC for #TBEX

Sitting down on the stained cement curb or worn bench overlooking a market is one of my favorite places to hang out in a foreign country—and not because I like the burning scent of urine that floats up from below, unwelcome but eternally present, or even necessarily the view of the market, busy and often …

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Fireworks Washington DC monument

A Little Greeting… Happy Fourth of July from Washington!

Happy Fourth of July from the Washington Monument in DC! An old friend of mine from middle school lives in DC while she undergoes training with the government, so I made a pitstop into the city to see her after staying in New York for a week. Being my first Fourth in the city, she …

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A Little Travel Memories… Graffiti on Telegraph Ave

I spotted this fenced off, overgrown and relatively desolate former park on one of the most touristed streets in Berkeley, California. Telegraph Avenue. Telegraph Ave played a part in the counterculture of the 60s as a home for runaways around the US but is now essentially home to an overwhelming number of purposely-not-trendy-so-they-are-trendy cafes and …

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California Saltwater Taffy

A Little Travel Memory… Sampling California’s Saltwater Taffy

I’m a chocoholic. That is a fact of life I have come to accept; if there is any choice between cake, hard-candies, or really any sweet and chocolate—chocolate wins by a landslide. Now, in all that lead-up, I have to admit that I betrayed my love-affair with chocolate for the saltwater taffy of Northern California …

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