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A Little Technology…Harnessing the Power of Twitter

I discovered a fantastic new use for Twitter that I plan to use on many of my future travels – and again, I owe it all to Andy. When I popped Andy a question about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows we arranged to meet up for a drink and chat. Once he decided that I […]

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Baba Brinkman, Edinburgh Fringe 2009, Scotland: A Little Adrift: A RTW Travel Blog

A Little Music…Fringe's Singing and Dancing

I approached Andy via email before I arrived in Edinburgh for Fringe show recommendations and to give him warning that I fully hoped to meet up for coffee and drinks while I was in town. Before he would send over a list of his recommendations he asks me: “Fringe can be pretty experimental and risqué, […]

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Actor at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

A Little Theatre…Rocking Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Exiting the bus station in Edinburgh, Scotland I’m lured down the street toward the distant sounds of street music and cheering crowds on Princes Street that mingle alluringly with the more immediate rush of cars and the other pedestrians vying for space on the sidewalk. I’ve got two hours to kill before my host for […]

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Spud the Piper 2009

A Little Anecdote… Meeting Spud the Scottish Bagpiper

The faint lilt of a bagpipe rode the gentle breeze as I wandered to the main street of Fort Augustus. The town is small—tiny actually—and most of the action takes place along the Caledonian Canal, which feeds into Loch Ness. This is a busy passage way through the area since the canal connects several of […]

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