A Little Marvel… Jumping for Joy at the Splendors of the Taj Mahal

It was a little painful to wake up at 5:00am, but we had no choice but to catch the morning train out of Jaipur after the Holi Festival of Colors revelry. My cousin and I dragged ourselves out of bed, slung our pre-packed backpacks onto our shoulders, and trudged to the train station—it was early. It also …

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A Little Guide… Celebrate Holi & Jaipur’s Elephant Festival in India

India’s Festival of Colors, was tops at my list of travel experiences when I planned my round the world trip. I love festivals, it’s such a beautiful, vibrant way to experience a culture. The rainbow of colors streaking radiantly happy faces during Holi stuck a chord with me. The subcontinent is a huge place though, and …

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Angkor Wat Cambodia

A Little Exploring… The History and Fun of Visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Traveling Southeast Asia these past months has been an incredible whirlwind. Seven weeks seemed like enough to make the backpacker loop through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, but that isn’t even remotely the case. I decided to adjust my itinerary and save Vietnam for another trip, which has allowed me to more deeply explore Laos. …

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