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A Complete Guide to Walking the Camino de Santiago (Frances)

The Camino Frances is a 500 mile walk from France into Spain—the final destination is Santiago de Compostela. But it’s more than a destination; the pilgrimage is a weeks-long journey. Curious? Here’s everything you need to know. In May 2017, my 13-year-old niece and I left St. Jean Pied de Port. We planned to walk …

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Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Southeast Asia

Backpacking Southeast Asia Travel Guide

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world. And for good reason—everything that makes traveling great is easily accessible in this region. Plus is safe! Southeast Asia is among the places that I have felt safest traveling as a solo woman, and it’s among the best places for adventurous first-time …

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A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Russia: Upending Cultural Assumptions

Cold air gnawed through my layers, persistent and unrelenting. As an avowed lover of all things tropical—smoothie flavors, color palettes, and, yes, temperatures—I had dreaded exploring St. Petersburg, Russia in November, a month marked by gray skies, drizzling rain, and pervasive chill. Although my unsuitability for cold weather panned out, St. Petersburg upended my every …

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A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Barcelona: On Finding Home

Finding a way to stop traveling has been an evolving process. When I booked that one-way flight ten years ago, a year of travel loomed before me, an epic round-the-world trip that would fulfill my dreams to see more of the world while also preparing me to contentedly return to Los Angeles at the end. …

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A Little Delight… Stories of Responsible Travel in Hoi An, Vietnam

Drizzling rain pattered on my umbrella as I wove through throngs of tourists, their rainbow-hued ponchos forming sudden pops of contrast against the canary-colored walls. I dodged locals pedaling rickety bicycles on the rain-drenched streets, and darted into the calm oasis of a local teahouse-cum-social enterprise in Hoi An, Vietnam. The rain hadn’t let up …

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Thailand Transportation: How to Get Around In Thailand

You’re planning a trip to Thailand and/or Southeast Asia—congrats! It’s among my favorite parts of the world and one of the easiest places to have an incredible experience. Between the food, the people, and the sheer number of cultural, historic, and natural sites, you will not want for things to do. Most backpacking trips in …

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Vietnam Travel Guide

While lumped together with Southeast Asia for geographic and tourism purposes, Vietnam stands out as a destination unique among its neighbors. Each region balances the other. The frenetic chaos in Saigon is just a stone’s throw from the sleepy colonial towns in the Mekong Delta. Hoi An’s charming, historic ancient town is a mere 40 minutes …

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