12 Apostles on Australia's Great Ocean Road

A Little Travel Memory… Goodbye Ye Faithful Apostles

The scenery on the Great Ocean Road in Australia reminded me of the blown Murano glass sculptures in Venice , Italy. This post was really inspired entirely by the photo below. Like a glass-blower, nature purposefully highlighted the scene with a sizable dose of reddish-orange limestone (two colors opposite on the color-wheel and therefore complimentary :). …

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Australia Travel Guide

Australia has been built for travel and tourism and is thus incredibly popular with travelers all over the world. The backpacker culture is particular well developed because Europeans and Israelis can easily get a year work visa. Fast Facts About Australia Travel Australia is nearly as big as the continental US and has incredibly disparate …

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Fraser island guide and things to do

A Little Adventure… Driving the Sands and Beaches of Fraser Island

Here’s a fun fact you may have never known—when you push a car out of deep sand, it’s deceptively easy to fall flat on your face once the car starts moving. Just a little fun fact I learned during my multi-day self-guided tour of Australia’s stunning Fraser Island. I got up close and personal with …

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A Little Serenade… Six Songs for a Happy Birthday!

So there I am, a year ago today, sweaty, sand is in every single possible crevice of my body, the cake I bought completely melting all over the makeshift table, and yet the moment is precisely right as twenty-four backpackers serenade me with the Happy Birthday song in six different languages. We were all on …

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How to spend the holidays as a solo traveler.

A Little Advice… On Spending Christmas Alone as a Solo Traveler

Murmur the world “Christmas” and you likely imagine a toasty log cabin with a flickering fire. You’re sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate while snow blankets the cabin in an earthly quiet. Perhaps there’s even a twinkling Christmas tree tucked into the corner and carols tinkling from the radio. That’s the Hollywood Christmas and …

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A Little Different… The Magic of Rainy Waterfalls on Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Australia, recognized around the world for its ocher hue. The surrounding landscape is characterized by sweeping desert plains and dry, towering sandstone formations. When you dream of visiting the Australian Outback, what comes to mind is usually gorgeous blue skies and …

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